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Catriona Gray Says She Relies On This Hair Hack Every Single Day

No wonder her hair looks so gorgeous!
Catriona Gray Says She Relies On This Hair Hack Every Single Day

Let’s face it: Keeping your hair looking fresh all day is a tall order if you’re a girl-on-the-go like Catriona Gray. Your daily activities not only expose your tresses to a lot of pollution and the unforgiving humidity, but they can also aggravate the sebum production of your scalp, making your hair look weighed down, clumpy and limp.

Shampooing alone just might leave hair frizzy and downright unruly, Catriona reveals a very simple hack to keeping her hair looking fresh and full of life, especially since her work requires her to look her best, which can take a toll on her tresses because of constant heat styling.

Her go-to product? Cream Silk’s new Hydra Fresh Light Conditioner. It helps give her hair the intense moisture it deserves minus the heavy feel.

The non-greasy formula keeps her locks frizz- and tangle-free without making them look limp or flat. Using a unique Hydra Collagen technology, each strand is intensely moisturized and hydrated to last all day no matter how busy her schedule gets. Plus, the lightweight and water-based formulation makes it so easy to rinse off, she now has more time to be the go-getter that she is.

Want to see Catriona personally talk about it? Check out the videos below which include some behind-the-scenes snippets, too!

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