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10 Selfie-Ready Makeup Looks to Copy from Catriona Gray

Glam up like a queen.
10 Selfie-Ready Makeup Looks to Copy from Catriona Gray
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Glam up like a queen.

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is not only amazing at doing her own makeup, her looks are never boring either. You can always count on her if you're in need of major beauty inspo—be it for a smokey eye or "no-makeup" look. In fact, if you need ideas for your next full-face, here are Catriona-approved ones to screenshot:

1. Soft Smokey Eye + Red Lips

It's only proper to kick off this list with Catriona's look when she was officially crowned the most beautiful woman in the universe. We love how she bended the rules a little and wore a smokey eye and a bold lip, but kept herself from looking overdone. To pull it off, don't apply eyeliner on your lower waterline and avoid blending too much eyeshadow on your lower lashline. Keep most of the colors on your lids, and of course, don't forget to groom your brows!


2. Brushed Up Brows

Not many beauty queens opt for a model-like brushed up brow, but since our new queen did start as a mannequin, it makes sense that it's now her signature look. Copying this look can't get any easier--just grab an eyebrow spoolie and comb those hairs upwards and set them with your favorite eyebrow gel.

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3. Sunkissed Skin + Olive Eyeshadow

If you love your faux freckles and glowing tan, why stop your makeup there? Highlight your golden tones with an interesting palette of colors on your eyes, like a touch of olive and gold. It's the perfect combinationn for a summer-themed smoulder.

4. Silver Smokey Eyes + Pale Nude Lips

Mixing light and dark is one of the oldest yet most effective tips in the book, so use it to your advantage whenever you can. For one, when you're in the mood for a bold silver eye or tons of black eyeliner, wear a pale lip color that'll balance out the drama.


5. Glowing Skin + Glossy Lips

The glossy skin trend might not be the most wearable look for us in tropical climes, but you can always cheat it with a generous coating of powder highlighter on the high points of your face. We recommend going for formulas with less glitter (which can look chunky and unflattering at times) and more of a healthy sheen so your glow looks more natural. Complete the wet skin illusion with a glossy lip!


6. All-Pink Makeup

It's time to debunk the long-standing myth that people with tan, warm-toned skin can't pull off wearing pink makeup, when in fact all you need to do is to go for a flattering shade. A pinkish brown palette is probably your best bet, because it has both that rosy hue and the warm tones your complexion can blend seamlessly with.


7. Glitter Eyes

Glitter isn't exactly everyone's cup of tea, but don't block it before you try it. Start by using it as eyeshadow first—pat a densely-packed shimmer shade on your eyelids with your finger for less fallout and more shine. Don't worry about it being hard to remove either, because if your micellar water won't work, catch the remaining specks with scotch tape with slightly dull adhesive.


8. Winged Eyeshadow

In case you haven't noticed, Catriona loves a winged eye. This look in particular is more sculpted than usual, creating a round shape instead of a sharp flick. The lack of too-sharp angles mean recreating it will require less pro-level precision, so you can cop it by sketching a wing with a pencil eyeliner and smudging it out for a softer effect. To add some daintiness to the drama, finish your makeup with a K-beauty-inspired gradient lip.


9. Cobalt Blue Eyes

When you need more color in your makeup life but have no idea where to start, dip your blending brush into a bright blue. Aside from wearing it as eyeshadow, you can also wear it as colored mascara or eyeliner for a subtle pop of color.


10. Doll Eyes

Channel your inner Twiggy and make a statement with high-impact lashes. Glue wispy individual falsies on your bottom lashline, spacing them out a little to give your peepers a doll-like effect.

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