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Catriona Gray Will Change the Way You Brush Your Hair

It's pretty clever!
Catriona Gray Will Change the Way You Brush Your Hair
IMAGE Courtesy of Cream Silk
It's pretty clever!

The life of a crowned Miss Universe is undeniably hectic. The constant public appearances and charity events to attend all over the globe are definitely rewarding, but they also entail a lot of time being glammed up in the makeup chair and getting dressed. Speaking of getting glammed up, though, the relentless heat-styling is one thing Catriona Gray deals with on the daily, and it really does take a toll on her tresses. “Whenever my hair gets damaged, it always materializes in the form of dry and brittle hair,” Catriona shares. Because of this, the beauty queen has a very clever way of getting rid of tangles to prevent further damage to her locks.


“I start brushing from the ends of my hair and work upwards,” Catriona tells Preview, “It’s pretty simple, actually. Brush out the tangles first before working my way up to my roots. I’ve seen so many people brushing from the top of  their heads and try to yank out the tangles at the bottom. If you start from the bottom and ease your way up, you’re releasing the tangles without putting too much stress on your hair.” True enough, if you comb through the tangles first, you’re not tugging through the entirety of your hair or pulling too much on your scalp.

But of course, a good conditioner always helps to make the detangling process a breeze. Recently launched as the face of Cream Silk’s new Hydra Fresh conditioner, the brand’s lightest yet most moisturizing formula to date, Catriona reveals that she allots time to properly condition her hair to keep it healthy and smooth. “On days when I’m not doing anything, I try to let my conditioner soak [in]. I put it on the ends of my hair, wrap it up, and go about my day,” Catriona shares.

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Cream Silk's new Hydra Fresh comes in two variants: Fresh & Hydrated and Fresh & Bouncy.
PHOTO Courtesy of Cream Silk
Each variant targets a specific hair concern. The blue one is for oily and greasy hair, while the pink variant is for limp and flat hair.
PHOTO Courtesy of Cream Silk

So if you want shiny hair that's worthy of a Miss Universe title, know that it takes a lot of work—but it will always be worth it. 

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