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Here Are the Hidden Meanings Behind Carla Abellana's Dainty Tattoos

Here Are the Hidden Meanings Behind Carla Abellana's Dainty Tattoos
IMAGE Instagram/carlaangeline, ukittattoo
There's a very practical reason why you never see them on TV.

Whenever we tune in to any of Carla Abellana's teleseryes or movies, we always see an endearing, classy lady who has owned her celebrity status for two decades now. No show biz gossip or tabloid rumors could possibly bring her down. What we don't see, though, is her body art. Unbeknown to many, the actress actually has three tattoos, which are so tiny and hidden you wouldn't see them even if you click pause and zoom in on your screen.

Thankfully, she just gave Preview a tour of her dainty tatts, for all the curious fans out there. If you're also one for micro-sized ink that still has quite the telling message, take some inspo from Carla's below.

Here are the real meanings of Carla Abellana's tattoos:

1. A little heart is engraved behind her ear

The most recent addition to Carla's collection of tatts is a teeny-tiny red heart behind her left ear. "I’ve always just wanted to get a small red heart tattoo. It really doesn’t mean anything else but love," she explains. 

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carla abellana tattoo meanings
PHOTO BY YouTube/Carla Abellana

This cute design was something she'd been planning to get for three years now. Thankfully, Ukit Tattoo was offering at-home services, so Carla finally got the heart stamped behind her ear. She chose to have it placed there simply because, "It’s not as visible and won’t be bothersome at work. Most likely, I won’t have to cover it, unless [it's] really necessary."

PHOTO BY Instagram/ukittattoo

2. She has a daily reminder imprinted on her right foot (twice!)

"There's not a day that I don't feel blessed," Carla says. To constantly remind herself of that, she had the word engraved on her right foot, and it's been there for almost a decade now.

She then tells Preview that she actually got the design done twice. "I had the tattoo inked on the exact same spot, but in white. It somehow just blended in with my skin and disappeared in a way, thus I had it done but in red ink shortly after," the actress recounts.

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carla abellana tattoo meanings
PHOTO BY Instagram/carlaangeline

3. She got a twinning tattoo with her mom and sister.

On Carla's other foot is a giveaway indicator of who she isa "special character" of the letter C. "My mom and sister had their initials tattooed on their feet as well using the same special character," she states. What a great way to match ink with your loved ones!

carla abellana tattoo meanings
PHOTO BY Instagram/carlaangeline

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