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The Essential Body Part You're Probably Forgetting to Exfoliate

The Essential Body Part You're Probably Forgetting to Exfoliate
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And it's time you should.

It's totally normal to favor your elbows and knees when exfoliating your body. After all, they do endure the most friction that often leads to dryness and darkening. Almost the same thing goes for your arms and legs as well, since to be fair, they do get the most exposure from the sun. On the flip side, however, there is one body part that you're probably neglecting the most. And it's not your chest or back.

Out of guesses? It's your backside—or your butt, if we're getting extra real about it.

Yes, your backside needs some scrub love from you, too. Because like the rest of your body, skin cells can build up on that area, getting rougher and tougher the longer you don't scrub them off. Cell buildup could also make your buttocks feel dry and flaky, especially if you don't moisturize that area enough.

So what should you do? Get scrubbing, of course! You can use the body scrubs you already own and gently exfoliate the area with your fingers. Or, try using konjac sponges, bath gloves, or a washcloth instead—just use the lather from your soap or body wash to glide the sponge/glove over your buttocks in circular motions. Do this at least once a week and you'll have polished cheeks in no time!



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In case you need some more clarifying action, give butt masking a chance! Masking can clear up clogged pores and deal with chicken skin, especially if you use a clay mask. You might even get away with using your face clay masks for this, but don't forget to do a patch test beforehand and moisturize after!

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Time to get scrubbing!

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