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Browhaus Greenbelt 5

Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente gets her arches styled and shaped.
Browhaus Greenbelt 5 Beauty Assistant Ira Nopuente gets her arches styled and shaped.

I always thought my brows were at their best: I tweeze stray hairs once in two weeks and have experimented with different shapes. I have gone through the uber thin shape during my college years then I went on to straight, full brows during my Korean beauty obsession, and now I have kept the natural arch of my arches. I dropped by Browhaus Greenbelt 5 to try out their Brow Construction. I was curious to know if my brows needed correction or if I was doing a great job maintaining it. I was taken into a private room and  my attendant Jennifer informed me that she would be threading my brows. She asked if I had a strong threshold for pain, and I replied, "I think I can handle it." She used the thread to measure and check if my brows were properly aligned at the same level, handed me the mirror, and told me that my left eyebrow was higher than the right. There I was amazed by this small detail that I never paid attention to before.


She proceeded to do her brow magic. I felt her pull the stray hairs without much pain. Maybe for threading or tweezing newbies you might feel a slight tinge, but I assure you, it's worth it! Jennifer also cleaned my almost-unibrow. After tidying up my arches, she dabbed a soothing cream on my skin to lessen the redness (it disappeared after 30 minutes). I saw the difference when I saw the end results: My face looked brighter and my eyes looked bigger and more awake. I wasn't even wearing eye makeup, not even mascara. Do I love it? Yup! I'vepenciled in my calendar my next session with them.

Browhaus Brow Construction (Classic Threading), P580 per session, Greenbelt 5

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