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These Are the Best Eyebrows For Your Face Shape, According to a Brow Expert

These Are the Best Eyebrows For Your Face Shape, According to a Brow Expert
Shape up!

If you have no idea how your brows should look, a telltale factor is your face shape. The "perfect" set of brows for your facial structure should frame every curve and point to a T. And to see if you're on the right track, we reached out to Strokes Master Artist Momoi Supe for tips. Read his brow guide below!


To point out a round face, see how it compares with a circle. The length of your forehead and jaw should be roughly the same, with no pointed edges in sight.


IMAGE Carl Alvior

With round faces, your brows should give your facial structure more vertical definition. And according to Momoi, brows with a high arch will do just that. "High arches will elongate and provide a vertical point to your face," he says.

Preview Tip: Try to avoid overly thin brows, because a higher arch needs to leverage with thickness to look flattering.


Compared to a round face, a square face's edges are more defined. The chin is flat rather than curved, while the jawline is obviously more square.

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IMAGE Carl Alvior

Being blessed with an angular face shape makes it your eyebrows' job to balance it out. To do this, go with an angled shape with a soft arch. Keep an eye on the length, too, because short brows will make the sides of your face look broader than they are.


Heart-shaped faces are characterized by a short, pointed chin. Many compare this face shape with an inverted triangle, which is broad at the top (forehead) and more pointed at the bottom (jawline and chin).


IMAGE Carl Alvior

On a heart-shaped face, avoiding sharp angles and a high arches are essential. These will accentuate the sharpness of the chin and according to Momoi, take attention away from the eyes. "For heart-shaped faces, brows should be straight yet rounded," he says.


An oval-shaped face is basically an elongated round face. It has curved edges as well, but long instead of wide.


IMAGE Carl Alvior

The proportions of an oval face creates a balanced canvas that doesn't require special attention. Momoi's only tip is this—"Just work [around] the dimensions of your face [to find] the most natural and flattering shape." In short, you can experiment with any brow shape you like!

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