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Bright Club

Why we think its better to brighten than to whiten.
Bright Club Why we think its better to brighten than to whiten.

Because terms like whitening and bleaching can be misconstrued and can be misleading, brands are now using a more promising label—brightening. The truth is, actually changing your natural skin color will take more than a night cream.

Whitening involves intensive bleaching agents and even possibly some oral and IV treatments (much like Glutathione) to get you from mocha to milk.

Brightening products on the other hand can restore your skin color to its natural, original hue, turning back the effects of skin damage, melanin build-up and discoloration from acne marks, sun damage and the like. It is an alternative for those that want a more organic transition into a healthier spotless glow.

But more than just the lighter skin angle, brightening products are actually good investments for every woman, even those that are content with their skin color. They do wonders in even-ing out skin tone, lessening the need to pile on concealer. It is because of that many would say that bright is definitely the new white.

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—Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant