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5 Braided Hairstyles Girls in Their 20s Should Master

Essential hairdos right here.
5 Braided Hairstyles Girls in Their 20s Should Master
Essential hairdos right here.

Once you hit your 20s, your hairstyling skillset should include more than curling and straightening. Braids, for one, are amazing go-tos for a photo-ready look. But if you're not sure where to start, we asked hairstylists Mong Amado and Mycke Arcano for the ones you need to master.

1. Dutch braid

"For something sporty but still chic, learn the Dutch braid," says Mong. This is the kind of braid wherein you add more strands as you go, and it looks great in tight boxer braids you can wear both to the gym and on nights-out.

2. Rope braid

If you prefer something sleeker and more elegant, Mong recommends the rope braid. That's because this doesn't look like your average crossed technique and makes use of a soft twist instead.

3. Pull-through braid

True to its name, pull-through braids are loose and effortless. Create it by looping several small ponytails together, and for a bohemian-inspired vibe, pull at that strands.

4. Fishtail braid

Putting your hair into fishtail braids screams effort, even when you just spent a few minutes on it. "Fishtail braids imbibe that artsy, cool girl kind of vibe," Mycke notes. Try it out by gathering very small sections of hair and crossing them over in the center.

5. French braid

This is a braid you've probably known since you were a child. In fact, the French braid is where the Dutch braid (also known as the inverted French braid) and the Fishtail braids originated from! According to Mycke, it's an overall classic you can incorporate in side braids, ponytails, or even updos for that modern romantic twist.

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