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Did You Know? "Boyfriend Air" Is Now a Thing and Girls Believe It's Making Them Less Pretty

Did You Know? "Boyfriend Air" Is Now a Thing and Girls Believe It's Making Them Less Pretty
Here's what you need to know about the viral phenomenon.

Trust the internet to always come up with new theories and phenomenons that don't have exact scientific explanations yet somehow manages to convince people. Take the red nails theory, for example, which claims that men find women more attractive when they wear red nail polish because it reminds them of their moms. Absurd? Yes. Makes sense? Quite a bit.

Well, get ready for the "boyfriend air" theory. It’s the latest trend going viral on Tiktok. But first, what is it anyway? 

Here’s What You Need to Know About "Boyfriend Air"

Search the tag #boyfriendair on Tiktok and you’ll find thousands, maybe even millions, of girls with boyfriends talking about the so-called “boyfriend air.” Basically, it claims that when girls spend time with their partners, they start to feel and look uglier. Their makeup melts away faster, their hair starts to look more unruly, and just altogether less polished. And that’s only after hanging out for a couple of hours. It’s even worse when they spend the night at their boyfriend’s place because then they start to notice pimples and their hygiene seems to go down.

To make a case for the theory, netizens even do before-and-after videos showing how put-together they looked before they met up with their boyfriends and the effects of boyfriend air after:

Even Filipina influencer Acushla Obusan, better known as Killa Kush, confirmed that she too experienced boyfriend air. She admitted that, “early on when we just started dating, a.k.a. like hooking up all the time, I was going through really bad boyfriend air skin.” She then continued to explain that she didn’t have her skincare with her all the time and had to rely on her boyfriend’s soap or 2-in-1 shampoo, which would dry out her skin and hair. She also mentioned how her boyfriend only owned two sets of bedsheets and would only change it every other week, meanwhile she would change hers more often. 


Which leads us to another question: Are males just naturally less hygienic than girls to the point that when they hang out with them it affects their skin? Some girls believe that could be the case. 

For others, they seem to believe that the reason they experience boyfriend air is because they've simply grown comfortable in the relationship and "let themselves go." 

Although there isn’t a scientific explanation for this, plenty of girls seem to agree that "boyfriend air" is a real thing. What do you think? 

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