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Boy Trouble

Dingdong Dantes is Bench's newest celebrity scent-sation.
Boy Trouble Dingdong Dantes is Bench's newest celebrity scent-sation.

What if you could package everything that made you a superstar and sell your sex appeal in a bottle? Dingdong Dantes gets rid of the guesswork and does just that with his hot premiere fragrance, DesireD by Dingdong Dantes, the latest addition to the Bench Celebrity Scents Collection, a range peppered with industry veterans—and brand bigwigs—like Kris Aquino, Richard Gomez and most recently, Regine Velasquez.

DesireD, a wet, sophisticated blend of bergamot, lavender, violet and sandalwood, is perhaps the actor/heartthrob/ubiquitous endorser's most personal project yet. It will delight everyone—fangirls, most especially—to know that everything from the refined yet sexy scent cocktail (which translates to his dapper, yet daringly macho personality), to the provocative, liquor flask-inspired bottle, to the teasing, peek-a-boo box all came from the mind of the seductively mysterious celebrity himself. Knowing what your ideal man is thinking—what could be sexier?

If the unisex fragrance doesn't woo you, then maybe the racy ad campaign will: billboards featuring a body-beautiful Dingdong trying to sneak out of bed in nothing but his birthday suit and strategically covered with morning-after blankets are sprawled all over the metro, their all-out suggestiveness making minds (and temperatures) race: Who is that unseen girl in bed with him, and most importantly, how can I be her?

They say fragrance is the most intimate thing a woman can put on; having your man's (or favorite leading man's, as the case may be) signature scent onto your own skin, even more so. Seducing Dingdong back into bed might still be an impossible dream, but smelling like you just did, ah, therein lies the promise.

DesireD by Dingdong Dantes Eau de Toilette is available at all Bench stores.

See the Store Directory for details.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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