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These Body Treatments Target Bloating, Cellulite, and Loose Skin

These Body Treatments Target Bloating, Cellulite, and Loose Skin
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Sculpt away those excess inches.

Beauty services, whether quick with instant results or effective after a series of sessions, deliver on a promise. Looking for guarantees? Here's a checklist that ticks off the issues of every body:

What you have: Bloating

What you need: Inch Loss

You're pretty happy with your body, but if you think an inch or two off a problem area would help you look better, Marie France's iLipo (price unavailable, tel. no. 894-2639) can help you. It's a fast-track solution to getting rid of that extra layer of fat to reveal your cuts. The three-step procedure consists of a warm wrap around your tummy, thighs, or arms, which shoots out a bunch of continuous, low-level lasers; an intense machine massage (it might tickle); and a 30-minute radio-frequency treatment, which melts fat and tightens the area. Three to four sessions will give you clear results, but do up to eight sessions for optimal effects.


What you have: Cellulite

What you need: Collagen Boost

You've reached your #bodygoals but realize something: Cellulite is genetic, and no workout will get rid of it. BUT, no matter, everybody's got cellulite—heck, even Cindy Crawford admitted to it. What you need to do is take matters into your own hands—or thighs, if we're being specific. There exist cosmetics massages that use intensive products to treat your orange-peel-marked parts into smoothness. Murad's Firm & Tone Body Treatment (P2400/session, Murad Spa Rustan's Makati) is a three-product massage that targets not just cellulite but also stretchmarks through hydration and boosting the circulation. Meanwhile, The Aivee Clinic's Cellulift (price unavailable, tel. no. 573-1420) is a non-invasive, non-laser, all-natural treatment that wakes up the collagen in the body to fill out the little dimples on your otherwise super-toned bod.


What you have: Loose Skin

What you need: Tightening

So you work out a lot and vigilantly diet, but because of gravity and time, things that used to be tight now instant on hanging loose. Radio frequency, like the Belo Exilis (price unavailable, 2356), is the solution—also known as RF to cosmetics veterans. It's a laser procedure that's quick, surgery- and pain-free (albeit a bit warm). It's not for extreme weight loss, though, but for tightening skin where it wrinkles and sags. Make it through six sessions every two weeks and you'll free brand new.


What you have: Stubborn Areas

What you need: Spot Treatments

If you want an extreme measure to get that last inch off, go straight to Vietura and ask for LipoCryo (price unavailable, Sofitel Philippine Plaza). Unlike most non-invasive treatments, this treats excess fat with extreme cold rather than heat. The machine that clamps down on your desired body part safely freezes the area; it might be uncomfortable, but when it hits a certain temp, you won't feel the sensation anymore. Survive those 30 icy minutes and you'll get a gradual shrinking in a month, as though you've been dieting/cardio-ing extra hard.


Another solution, if you'd rather sit (or lie) back and be comfortable, is a good hour-long massage at the Clarins Spa called Stubborn Curves Solution (P2700/session, Rustan's), which promises what it's named after. The treatment uses the brand's Body Shaping Cream and a special technique to contour your body where needed. This of course may take more than one visit to your therapist.

*This article was originally published in Preview Magazine's November 2015 issue.

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