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Body Sculpting

Who's body transformation inspires you the most?
Body Sculpting Who's body transformation inspires you the most?

Perhaps it's due to fulfilled New Year's resolutions or maybe because bikini season's fast approaching, but three big faces in local show business have recently revealed new amazing physiques for all to see. Sharon Cuneta, Jinkee Pacquiao, and Iza Calzado launched campaigns for Marie France, Belo and Flawless, respectively, and the images of their total body transformations don't lie. All three are promoting the wonders of body sculpting and we think it's great to see that fat burning is no longer limited to hours spent slaving on a treadmill. While all three bodies are praiseworthy, we want to know, which star inspires you most to book an appointment at your nearest aesthetic center? Click on the photo gallery to see photos of Sharon, Jinkee and Iza's new bodies.

Jinkee Pacquiao's head to toe makeover makes me realize that it's definitely time to reinvent myself!
Sharon Cuneta's slimmer body shows me that shedding the pounds is possible and can happen if I set my mind to it!
Iza Calzado's sizzling bod makes me want to book an appointment for whatever she's getting, right now.