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We steal the workout secrets of five Women's Health cover girls to get our bodies bikini ready.
Body Conscious We steal the workout secrets of five Women's Health cover girls to get our bodies bikini ready.

The summer months always resurrect a greater appreciation for keeping fit and eating healthy. With April just a few days away, we’ve been noticing women loading up on the greens, opting to leave out the carbs and politely refusing that second serving of desert. Gyms are starting to fill up and ingenious new workouts are beginning to sprout left and right to an eager crowd. But just like any goal, it’s good to have some inspiration. We decided to look through our Women’s Health issues to see whether we could steal a tip or two from five ladies who are obviously doing something right in the fitness department. So whether you’re dying for toned legs ala Bianca Gonzalez, sexy curves like Solenn Heussaff or Angel Aquino’s svelte physique, read on to learn the secrets behind five Women’s Health cover girls’ amazing bodies.



TV Personality Bianca Gonzalez has one of those bodies that allow her to look good in everything that she wears. But rather than obsessing over eliminating some inches or logging multiple hours on the treadmill, Bianca takes a much more relaxed approach to fitness.

Unlike most health buffs, weight loss isn’t Bianca’s primary goal of exercising. Instead, she aims for balance in all facets of her life. She tells Women’s Health, “A healthy lifestyle should be more of a balance—how you balance your time with family, with exercise, work, love, food and everything else in your life. It should all work together to form a harmonious, holistic thing in the end.”

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Despite her hectic schedule, Bianca notes she manages to squeeze in some quick runs around the village by waking up three hours before any scheduled taping. “It’s really a groove thing. If you start, you have to push yourself to do it everyday. But once you stop, it’s so hard to get back into the groove.”

Not a fan of gym work outs, she counts Bikram Yoga as her favorite form of exercise.“You really sweat in body parts you don’t know you could sweat from,” she says of the steamy work out.

Originally published in Women’s Health June 2010 as told to Loren Evangelista.

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