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Bobbi Brown's Kai Vinson On Pretty Powerful

Bobbi Brown's Kai Vinson shares tips, tricks, and some Pretty Powerful info.
Bobbi Brown's Kai Vinson On Pretty Powerful Bobbi Brown's Kai Vinson shares tips, tricks, and some Pretty Powerful info.

Being beautiful knows no excuses.

Pretty Powerful, the latest addition to Bobbi Brown's array of beauty bibles, focuses on who your are rather than how you look. It has easy-to-follow makeup guides for different types of "pretty powerful" women. The steps are very spot on and realistic, and just like Bobbi's previous works, the book features women from different ethnicities so women globally can both relate and translate the guides easily, and even share their own inspirational stories. pretty powerful book

On the launch of Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful we had the chance to talk to Kai Vinson, Director for Artistry and Education for Asia Pacific. Being handpicked by Bobbi Brown herself for his unique talent and passion, Kai was the perfect person to sit down with for some insider tips on Pretty Powerful makeup application and techniques. Read on:


Are there any beauty myths you would like to debunk, like maybe matching your eye shadow with your eye color?

It’s not really about matching; if you find a color that works well on you it will always look great. Also, it’s the things you wear that aren't really matching, but more of complementing, but don't exactly go well together. Makeup that looks right on you is more important than things that match up. Also, there are women who change makeup every season“I need my Fall/Winter makeup,” for example. Bobbi doesn’t believe in that, and I don’t really believe in that either. They can wear more colors; it’s just about the right tone.



Bobbi has always emphasized that the nude lip is her best lip color. How would someone find the right shade? 

To Bobbi, the perfect lip color is the enhancement of your own lip color. So if you’re looking for a lip color at the makeup counter when you try the colors on, you want one that naturally brightens your lips a little bit; something not darker, not exactly the same color, and not lighter. It just enhances the natural color you have. Whether you wear no makeup or dramatic makeup, it’s the color that always works, since the color is something you can always put on and will always look great.


When do you think is the right age to wear makeup? 

I think part of it should be looking your age; you can wear makeup different ages but then it’s about wearing makeup that looks your age. For little girls, it’s about having something fun and glittery, like a glittery lip gloss or some sparkle on the cheeksit’s more playful and fun. For teen girls typically this is the time when they start wanting or needing makeup, because they usually get breakouts. They should own the right foundation and concealer to cover a breakout, and a lip gloss and maybe Shimmer Brick. The Shimmer Brick I think is a great item for young girls because they can use it on cheeks and eyes, but it’s not overly made up. I think wearing strong eyeliner is more for the later teens because that’s normally when they start to look like a women.

It's about keeping a kind of fun soft shimmery things that look right and age-appropriate. A tinted moisturizer or foundation that could give a little more of coverage, and definitely one that's sheer. A sheer foundation and a concealer stick would be great.



What beauty routine can you suggest for new moms?

Something easy; she’s very busy and has no sleep, so the most important thing is concealer because she's going to be tired. It will help hide the fact that she’s tired. Things like a cream shadow or bronzer blush, or you can throw on a lip gloss to quickly enhance a post-pregnancy glow. There are things she can put on in three minutes but could still make her look great. She’s not going to spend 20 minutes in front of a mirror; she needs things that she really can put on quick and easy, but still look great.


Is it really true that a woman can be beautiful at any age, wherever, whenever?

I believe a woman can be beautiful at any age. I have seen 100-year-old women that are amazing and inspirational and still have a great beauty to them, and young girls do too. At any age, women are already beautiful. Just find the right products to help you feel more rested or more relaxed.


Other than smokey eyes, what evening makeup look can you suggest?

You can do the opposite but something just as impactful as wearing a bold lipstick and less eye makeup. When you wear a bold red, bold orange, or bold pink it’s almost more showstopping. I think people will always look at a girl who wears red lips. For me, a really classic bold eyeliner, a liitle color on the cheeks, and bright lipstick is amazing. If you don’t like red you can wear orange: Orange is really the It color of the year; it has the same show-stopping ability as red. Just doing that makes it more attractive and I think you're more likely to check out a girl walking through a club wearing a bright pink lipstick because everyone else wears a smokey eye.



If you were a Bobbi Brown product, what would you be?

BB creamit’s my favorite product. We’ve only had it for about two-and-a-half years now but even in two-and-a-half years, I can’t imagine not having it now that I've used it. It’s one of the products that I find so user-friendly; you can put it on anytime. I use it and it looks like you have nothing on, but it gives the proper amount of coverage. We have three shades so we can match more skin tones, and we're coming up with two more shades to cater to other tones as well. They do have a little brightening finish to it that looks more radiant than white, and it's hydrating and also anti-aging, so you get a little bit of both. It shouldn’t replace a moisturizer but in a quick fix, it can give you the right amount of moisture that you need. You can also use it as a priming product: Just dab a small amount underneath foundation, to make it last longer and really perfect the skin.

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