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7 Celeb-Approved Hairstyles If You're New to Having Short Hair

Try these out!
7 Celeb-Approved Hairstyles If You're New to Having Short Hair
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Try these out!

Now that you've gotten rid of your long locks, a new realm of possibilities now await your short hair. And while a bob doesn't seem that versatile, it actually is, and there are tons of chic hairstyles you can rely on whenever you want to change it up. For ideas, check out the celebrity-approved looks below!

1. Nadine Lustre

For someone who can't be bothered with heat, let your hair clips do the talking. Layer up chunky ones for a playful look or opt for metallic of beaded pieces for a light-reflecting push-back.

2. Rhian Ramos

To get that beach babe texture, choose sea salt spray as your star product. You'll only need to go through two steps: A quick spritz on slightly damp hair and a whole lot of scrunching until you reach that ideal level of touseled.

3. Claudia Barretto

Letting your hair down shouldn't sacrifice volume, and flipping your ends inwards with a flat iron should do the trick. Flipping it the other way makes for a chic, vintage vibe, too.


4. Sue Ramirez

Sorry, but keeping your strands off your face will still be a struggle even when you have short hair. That said, gelling it back and plain forgetting about it is always an option.

5. Liz Uy

If you don't have time to spare for a full-on curling sesh, settle for a mid-hair bend to satisfy your texture cravings. The pro way to do this is with any hot tool (both a curling and flat iron work), but if you're next-level late to your appointment, just tie your damp hair into a ponytail and let it loose when you arrive. The bend should show up right away, but don't forget to set it with some (travel-sized) hairspray to make it last.

6. Kiana Valenciano

Don't let your short strands get in the way of your braiding habit. The only thing you really have to change is where your braids start—in a bob's case, the crown.


7. Kaila Estrada

With a bob cut comes the inevitable loss of your top bun privilege. You can, however, still channel it by gathering your hair in a half-pony and not letting the ends loose of your hair tie. Close enough!