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The Best Way to Apply Blush, According to Your Face Shape

The Best Way to Apply Blush, According to Your Face Shape
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It has to be spot on!

With blush, you don't start and stop with your choice of color. Whether you use pink or bright orange, one thing should definitely be consistent: application. There's always the most flattering way to define your face with color. So here, celebrity makeup artist Xeng Zulueta breaks down the best flush techniques for every face shape. Find out yours below!


Round faces are circular and are more or less equal in length and width.

IMAGE Carl Alvior

"To make a round face look narrower, apply blush on the apples of the cheeks towards the temples in a sweeping or sideways motion. [Apply] the blush in one direction, like you're creating a slanted line going upwards."


Square faces have a strong and flat jaw and are more angular than round faces.


IMAGE Carl Alvior

"Basically, with the square face, you want to give the illusion of a lifted face. Start at the apples of the cheeks but blend upward in a v shaped pattern to lift the cheeks. If they apply blush like [contour], the face becomes distorted because the square jaw is already so [strong], and wrong blush application makes the chin look pointy."


Like an inverted triangle, heart-shaped faces are wider at the top and narrow at the bottom. Most have a very prominent and pointed chin.

IMAGE Carl Alvior

"To reduce the harshness of a pointy chin, apply blush under the natural line of the cheekbones—apply blush below the apples of the cheeks. You're simply avoiding the cheek area altogether and going around it to open up the inside of the face. The cheek part close to the nose needs to have no blush at all."

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Oval faces are longer than they are wide. There are hardly or no sharp angles to them.

IMAGE Carl Alvior

"If our goal for square faces is to lift the cheeks, we want to give oval faces [more horizontal dimension]. So to balance a narrow [yet long] face, apply blush horizontally. Blend well to avoid hard lines that look like a stripe across the face."

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