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Blonde Moment

Blonde Moment Hazel Imperial travels South for blonde highlights.

To supplement our Blonde Ambition article, we started to search for someone to agree to take the jump. Enter, Hazel Imperial, Associate Publisher for Style Bible. Her already dyed, light brown hair made her an ideal candidate for going even lighter (as most of us were too much of cowards to do it ourselves).

Next came the search for a trustworthy salon to meet our precarious demands. Visiting Sujiivana Salon in the Serenity Place, Alabang a few months ago for a launch, I remember seeing an array of crazy colored hair on the salon's staff. Everything from blonde, to crayola red, to even lavender streaks! As wild as they were, the color jobs looked very well done and the hair looked healthy.

Sujiivana also uses a line called pHormulate, which is ammonia-free hair color. So with a touch of excitement and a hint of apprehension, we sent Hazel off to the far flung area of Alabang for her appointment with Sujiivana's Creative Director, KNE (pronounced "Kenny"). Below is her review of the procedure.

Hazel Imperial
Associate Publisher


My hair color was in dire need of a re-touch. I've always opted for a full-on mono color in lavender brown, which I love on the first month of application. But whenever the color starts to fade, it turns oddly red-orange. Literally above that hue are straight, faded lines on top of my head, shamelessly showing the re-growth area from my roots (my natural hair color is dark brown so it really contrasted with the red-orange hue).

Consult and Treatment

In terms of the dye shade, KNE opted to keep his battle plan a secret, but I trusted him. I just gave him my hair history (rebonded, color-treated) and he worked from there. I did tell him that I didn't want to go full-on blonde, to which he agreed given my hair history.

He did not bleach my hair and instead used a lot of shades of brown to blonde to achieve the light-colored highlights. He in fact discussed the colors with his team for almost 30 minutes before coming up with the right mix, really taking my concerns into consideration. What he eventually did was to use my natural brown hair color at the base (the hair beneath), and went lighter with each layer, ending with yellower, blond tones at the top. The entire process took 4-5 hours.

Post Treatment

Color fade out has been very kind and manageable with the different color layers and highlights that KNE strategically mapped out for my hair. Though like with any other hair color treatment, I am due for a hotoil really, really soon.

As for my daily regimen, I use shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair. I also try to get regular hot oil treatments because hair color in general, no matter how ammonia-free they say it is, really robs the hair of some moisture.

It's also my first time to have highlights done and I'm still loving the oh-so-subtle blond highlights! As for post-color care, KNE just told me to go back to him for a re-touch! He also strongly suggested that I get a haircut done by him as my hair is currently too texturized.

General Comments/Recommendations

The staff of Sujivana was very good. Betty, the Marketing Officer, and the rest of the Serenity Place neighborhood were very charming and gracious. Ambiance is just average for its class. Though the welcome drink (a frozen orange cocktail of sorts) was delish!

I think I now have a reason to travel all the way to the South for my hair color!

To book an appointment at Sujiivana Salon, see the Salon & Spas Directory.

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