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Here's Why You Should Consider Getting a "Bixie" Cut in 2022

It's the best of both worlds in one cut.
Here's Why You Should Consider Getting a "Bixie" Cut in 2022
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/florencepugh, Instagram/hannahkleit
It's the best of both worlds in one cut.

In the spirit of the forthcoming new year, we’re all looking forward to shedding our old selves and emerging as someone new. There could be a lot of shifts that we feel within, and we want to express those changes externally, and what better way than through a haircut?

And just when we thought there couldn't be another variation of the bob cut, a new trend has surfaced (or shall we say resurfaced?) that just makes us want to chop off all our long locks once again. Introducing the "bixie" cut.

What is the "bixie" cut?

The bixie is essentially a low-maintenance, layered hairstyle that's a combination between a bob and a pixie cut. Originally a style that was popular in the '90s, the bixie was flaunted by the style mavens during that time like Winona Ryder and Cameron Diaz.

What makes the bixie so coppable is that it's a bit shorter than your regular bob, but long enough so that it doesn't look like the average pixie. The ends of this cut are layered to give a slightly "choppy" look, which  just adds to its chic and effortless feel! If you’ve been thinking of getting a pixie cut, this is definitely a great style to try out before finally committing to a cropped 'do.

You may be wondering why this specific cut has recently been all over your social media feeds, and it’s because a lot of celebrities and influencers have recently started bringing this trend back! (Allure recently gave its revival a nod of approval, too.)

One celebrity that was ahead of the curve was Florence Pugh. The English actress surprised her Instagram followers back in October by posting a photo without her signature blonde tresses, and in its place was a short and tousled 'do dyed a deep shade of brown.

bixie cut hair trend 2022
Florence Pugh
PHOTO BY Instagram/florencepugh

Aside from Florence, other personalities such as models Hannah Kleit and Kaia Gerber (who were also our boyfriend bob muses in 2021) as well as Modern Family star Sarah Hyland have been sporting the short cut so elegantly on their IG feeds. Keep scrolling for more bixie inspo!

bixie cut hair trend 2022
Hannah Kleit
PHOTO BY Instagram/hannahkleit
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bixie cut hair trend 2022
Sarah Hyland
PHOTO BY Instagram/sarahhyland
bixie cut hair trend 2022
Kaia Gerber
PHOTO BY Instagram/kaiagerber
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