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FYI, This Is the Correct and Best Way to Use Your Sheet Masks

Don’t let even a drop of that essence go to waste.
FYI, This Is the Correct and Best Way to Use Your Sheet Masks Don’t let even a drop of that essence go to waste.

Who doesn’t love spending some “me time” relaxing with a sheet mask on? Your skin’s soaking up that juicy essence with the promise it’ll be supple and glowing by the time you’re done. Could it get any better? Why yes, actually.

Apart from the promised benefits of your chosen mask, a few extra steps could help reduce puffiness, increase blood circulation, enable product absorption, and even add a feeling of relaxation. This 15- to 20-minute step in your skincare routine could be that mini facial you need right now.

Here are some tips to help you maximize your sheet masks.

1. Store your sheet masks in the refrigerator.

Whether or not you’ve got a beauty fridge, keeping your sheet masks in the fridge (not freezer) is a great idea. When you apply the cooled mask onto your face, it will help soothe your skin and bring down any inflammation or puffiness you might be experiencing.


2. Squeeze the extra essence out of the mask pack and apply it onto your face.

There’s no point letting all that gooey goodness go to waste. Pour the excess essence onto your hands and pat face mask it gently onto your face before putting on your mask to seal it in. This ensures that every last drop goes to your skin.

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3. Use a face roller to give yourself a gentle massage.

According to New York-based facialist Ling Chan in a feature in Byrdie, “jade rollers increase blood circulation, assist lymphatic drainage, and diminish the appearance of fine lines.” By using the roller over the sheet mask, not only are you availing of the benefits of a face roller, your also using the tool to help press the essence into your skin.

4. After removing the mask, press in the remaining essence onto your skin.

Resist the urge to wash off the film of moisture that gets left behind after you take off the mask as you might just wash away all the good stuff. Instead, press it into your skin gently with your hands, and then top it off with your moisturizer to seal it in.

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