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The Best Skincare Gadgets to Use at Home, According to Beauty Editors

Upgrade your routine with these cool tools.
The Best Skincare Gadgets to Use at Home, According to Beauty Editors
IMAGE Agoo Bengzon, Belle Rodolfo, Nicole Morales
Upgrade your routine with these cool tools.

Nothing compares to getting a good ol' skin tune-up at the derm, but that doesn't mean your regimen at home can't come anywhere close. And if you think your lineup of serums and creams already makes your routine extra, wait until you hear about the gadgets and gizmos that real beauty geeks have on rotation. Ever heard of LED face shields? Hot and cold face massagers? Facial steamers? How about an at-home RF wand? If not, you're about to!

Ahead, three beauty editors and spill the deets on the fancy devices in their skincare regimen, plus all the reasons they're worth the upgrade:

Best At-Home Skincare Devices

1. Normali Lifestyle LED Skin Shield (Agoo Bengzon, @agoo_b)

Unilever beauty expert and former Preview Beauty Editor Agoo Bengzon loves this tri-color LED mask from Normali Lifestyle.  "It has allowed me to maximize the benefits of my skincare," she tells us. "It's very lightweight, and when you put it on, it allows me to do other things because it's cordless. I'm able to run my errands even when I'm using it."


This face shield-like device has three LED light treatment modes: Red for anti-aging, Blue for combatting oiliness, and Amber for brightening and detoxifying. Agoo's favorite is the red light for its collagen and elastin-boosting benefits. She explains, "Of course, it's not the same intensity as something like an RF treatment. But if you use it every day, it's a great way to maintain the benefits that you get from derma treatments like Thermage or Ultherapy."

PHOTO BY Instagram/normalilifestyle
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2. Panasonic Nano-Care Facial Steamer, HiMirror HiShine+ Premium Facial Massager (Belle Rodolfo, @bellerodolfo)

If you're all about achieving that home facial vibe, beauty writer and former Preview Associate Beauty Editor Belle Rodolfo's picks will be right up your alley. First is the Panasonic Nano-Care Facial Steamer, which she uses right after cleansing to soften her skin and prep it for products. Her second pick, which she uses right after the steamer, is a temperature-changing device from HiMirror. Basically, how it works is you attach a toner-soaked cotton pad on the device and choose between the Clean, Moist, Cool, and Warm settings to boost the product's benefits. Belle prefers using the warm setting first, followed by the cool mode to calm her skin down and give herself a relaxing massage.

"I love them because they really are the best partners when used together," says Belle. "I feel like it's doing what it's supposed to do...and I do feel that it helps prepare my skin better to receive skincare. The steam really softens the skin and the facial massaging motion applies [product] better and so my skin receives all the skincare goodness."

PHOTO BY Panasonic, HiMirror

Nano-Care Facial Steamer, P6498, PANASONIC, Abensons; HiShine+ Premium Facial Massager, P2300, HIMIRROR, Beautymnl

3. Luminisce Radiance Lift Facial At-Home Kit (Nicole Morales,

Content creator and former Town & Country beauty editor Nicole Limos-Morales has definitely tried her fair share of skin tools, but the standout in her collection is the Radiance Lift Facial At-Home Kit from Luminisce. The kit comes with a skin device that gives you the option to treat with seven types of LED light, EMS (electrical muscle stimulation/microcurrent), and ultrasound technology that are safe for home use. It also includes several creams and products to enhance the effects of each treatment mode.


According to Nicole, what's amazing about this device is that the treatments are made to work efficiently with the ones you get at your derm. It can help you keep results for longer, or even show further improvement with frequent use!

PHOTO BY Luminisce

Radiance Lift Facial At-Home Kit, P9550, LUMINISCE,


Watch the video below to learn more about these devices and see them in action!

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