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What Scent to Gift the Men in Your Life, According to Their Personality

Spot the best match for your dad, significant other, and friends.
What Scent to Gift the Men in Your Life, According to Their Personality
IMAGE Dolce & Gabbana, Givenchy, Calvin Klein
Spot the best match for your dad, significant other, and friends.

Just dropping by to help you with that big task you're not sure how to do: getting the men in your life gifts for Christmas.

We all know that perfumes are no-brainers. They make a big impression. They offer an instant benefit. They're easy to wrap. And they're usually found in one place. The tricky thing is choosing the best scent for each person on your list. One may be inclined toward smelling like a freshly peeled lemon, while another is more interested in projecting power. Here, we run down different kinds of perfumes for the different kinds of men on your life:

1. The Man About Town

He has a natural charm that makes people want to be around him and also do whatever he says.


GIVENCHY Gentlemen, price unavailable, Department Stores

An overdose of iris padilla, patchouli, and black vanilla exudes sensuality. Best for night.

2. The Non-Stop Overachiever

He wakes up at 4:50 in the morning, breezes through his to-dos with a smile, and carves out time for the gym (because he still has time!). He tried slowing down but just could not stand it. His drink of choice is coffee.

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COACH Platinum, price unavailable, Department Stores

A sensual woody fragrance that is based on the ultimate lifestyle city, New York City.

3. The Fearless Dreamer

Young and believes he can do anything, including devouring bowls of pasta without gaining weight. He's that guy who always says yes. He's like a puppy trying to climb the stairs.


CALVIN KLEIN CK One Platinum, price unavailable, Department Stores

With notes of green apple, pink pepper, and vetiver, this is bright and dynamic.

4. The Classic Gentleman

No doubt he is a man's man: wears suits, loves cars, collects watches. He makes the best cocktail, which, for him, is a vodka neat. He's also thinking of playing with old motorcycles.


DUNHILL Century, price unavailable, Department Stores

The citrus-bergamot blend develops into a distinct musk. This one stays close to the skin.

5. The Weekend Nomad

He thrives in the city, but retreats to a quiet and green place whenever he can. The beach, the forest, and the mountains are important parts of his life. He's not a granola-cruncher, mind you, but a man who seeks balance.


BULGARI Man Wood Essence, price unavailable, Department Stores

This is a new kind of green scent. Starts with bright citrus before developing into bold woods, a mix of forest-y cyprus and smoky cedar.

6. The Undoubted Boss

He doesn't shrink away from a challenge like, say, flying a helicopter or leading a large group of people. Maybe he is a tad cocky. Maybe he is your grandfather who commands attention just by breathing.


ISSEY MIYAKE l’eau Super Majeure D’issey, price unavailable, Department Stores

Think of this as a roaring wave: sea salt, sun-seared wood, dark patchouli, and black vanilla. It's aromatic and potent.

7. The Beguiling Charmer

He's a character: elegant and curious, refined and magnetic. Maybe he wears a suit to an open-air market. Maybe he plays a bastard-king on a popular TV show on its final season.


DOLCE & GABBANA The One Grey, price unavailable, Department Stores

Opposites collide with aromatic cardomom and earthy vetiver. Ambergis gives this an addictive quality.

8. Man of the Moment

His Instagram Stories is updated always and often, because his favorite thing to do is whatever he is doing right now. He's always on the way to somewhere, and on weekends, it's no different. Forget Netflix! The city filled with many things to enjoy.


PACO RABANNA One Million Lucky, price unavailable, Department Stores

Hazelnut, plum, and fresh ozone (!) make up the vivid scent. This starts out sweet like a fruit but dries down into something sexy. Please also take a look at that bottle, a chunky gold bar.

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