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7 Red Hair Colors That Look Gorgeous on Filipino Skin Tones

7 Red Hair Colors That Look Gorgeous on Filipino Skin Tones
IMAGE (LEFT TO RIGHT) Instagram/rachelteetyler, Instagram/tonisiaa
Everything really does look better in red!

One of life’s greatest joys is being able to dye our hair. What was once something we were prohibited from doing in school, is now a source of comfort and a sign of change. From breakups, celebrating wins, important events, and even just honoring our desire to switch up our look—there’s something inexplicably exciting and life-changing when we change our hair color.

With the countless colors there are, it can absolutely be overwhelming to choose the exact shade to go for. But that’s why we’re here; to let hair newbies and hair adventurers alike know that you can never go wrong with red. Especially for us Filipinos, did you know that shades of red can bring out our brown eyes and instantly brighten our complexion?

So if you’ve always wanted to dye your hair like Paramore’s Hayley Williams or wondered whether you could rock Ariel’s iconic red hair—consider this article a PSA just for you. Scroll down for our guide on the most flattering shades of red for Filipino skin tones!

The Most Flattering Shades of Red Hair for Filipinos

Toni Sia: Sultry Ginger

If you remember The Goofy Movie, you can definitely see the resemblance this hair color has with the movie’s girl crush, Roxanne. This golden ginger hue accentuates Toni Sia’s beautiful warm undertones, literally making her glow! If you’ve ever wanted to go ginger without looking like a troll doll, give this sultry color a try. 

PHOTO BY Instagram/tonisiaa

Barbie Imperial: True Copper

Channeling her Leo sun sign, Barbie’s copper hair is quite literally the shade of fire! On the more vibrant end of the ginger scale, if you have cool undertones and are looking to go red, Barbie’s newest hair makeover is your best bet.

And for all the Potterheads out there, isn’t this hair shade reminiscent of Ginny Weasley’s ginger hair as described in the books? Looks like it’s time to apparate ourselves to the salon!

PHOTO BY Instagram/msbarbieimperial
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Rachel Tee Tyler: Deep Mahogany

Filipino-Australian influencer, Rachel Tee Tyler, shows us how to rock the darker shades of red with her deep mahogany locks. At first glance, this shade may look like a gorgeous deep chocolate brown, but its red base is what will make people do a double-take. Subtle and alluring, this hair peg also gives us “if Poison Ivy were Filipino” vibes!

PHOTO BY Instagram/rachelteetyler

Pat Cortez: Fire Engine Red on Warm Skin

For those who want to go on an adventure when dyeing their hair, let us enable you to get this fire engine red locks like influencer and model Pat Cortez! While we won’t deny that you may have to stay at the salon longer to cop this look, you can’t deny the results. Despite being a true red with blue undertones, you can see how it beautifully complements Pat’s golden yellow undertones. In fact, the contrast of the red against her skin makes it even more of a flattering statement!

PHOTO BY Instagram/iampatcortez

Arci Muñoz: Fire Engine Red on Cool Skin

Living out our childhood dreams of having hair like Ariel, Arci Muñoz truly looks like the Disney princess herself! This goes to show that regardless of your undertone, no one can really go wrong with vibrant red hair. For those with cool undertones like Arci, you can expect your complexion to get an instant brightening effect due to the red’s cool undertones. It'll make your Disney princess dreams a reality, too!

PHOTO BY Instagram/ramonathornes

Kathryn Bernardo: Deep Burgundy

Ariel’s red hair not your vibe? Let’s take it down just a notch with Kathryn’s iconic deep burgundy tresses. If you love a good glass of wine or sangria, this hair look is the perfect way to pay homage to your favorite drink. Not to mention, look at how Kathryn’s brown eyes stand out, since colors with hints of darker red hues (like burgundy or maroon) are known to make brown eyes pop. We don’t know about you, but we’re making our way to the salon ASAP! 

PHOTO BY Instagram/bernardokath

AC Bonifacio: Two-Toned Cherry Highlights

Highlights are a great way to add color to your hair without the same commitment as dyeing your whole head. In this look, AC’s hair mixed a vibrant cherry shade with a deeper, muted black cherry color, giving her hair more dimension and depth. Plus, because cherry tones are complementary and look super natural with dark hair, you won’t need to worry about your roots growing-in since it’ll look seamless! 

red hair color for filipinos
PHOTO BY Instagram/acbonifacio

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