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The Best Local Skincare and Makeup Products We Tried in 2020

They'll be your new must-haves for sure!
The Best Local Skincare and Makeup Products We Tried in 2020
IMAGE Celeteque, Happy Skin, EB Advance
They'll be your new must-haves for sure!

Championing local brands has always been more than just loving our own. In the beauty realm alone, Filipino brands have been stepping up to the plate with high-quality, game-changing products, so giving our support comes almost as easy as swiping on some lipstick.

That's why for this year's Preview Beauty Awards, we decided to honor the proudly Pinoy picks that we haven't been able to put down since we got them. Keep scrolling to see all the winners for the Best of Local Beauty category plus our reviews!

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Best of Local Beauty 2020

1. Celeteque DermoScience Age Spot Erasing Serum

This serum contains retinol, a gentle, over-the-counter retinoid that'll help diminish the appearance of age spots and wrinkles. Products like this usually come at a hefty price tag, so not only is this one a steal, it's also proudly local.

Tester Review: "This spot corrector is a great drugstore option for those looking into a retinol-based evening serum, especially since it also has rosehip oil and artemisia capillaris extract that are great repairing ingredients. In terms of potency, since it uses retinol, it needs to convert twice to become retinoic acid after it's been applied to the skin, so it is a good starter product for those just about to explore retinoids. Application-wise, it absorbs into the skin comfortably like second skin. Two weeks of straight use will show remarkable difference in skin brightness and glow."—Nicole Morales


Age Spot Erasing Serum, P899, CELETEQUE DERMOSCIENCE, Shopee

2. Ellana Even Skin Pore-Refining Serum

Ellana now has serums for just about every skin type, but this formula is an instant hit for its blemish-fighting and pore-refining benefits from a combination of niacinamide, zinc, and antioxidants.

Tester Review: "Niacinamide is one of my holy grail ingredients for less visible pores and fading acne marks, so I've tried my fair share of serums that have it. What makes this one unique though is that aside from vitamin B3, it has zinc, green tea, and centella asiatica to calm down irritation, making it perfect for my acne-prone skin."—Nicole Arcano

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Even Skin Pore-Refining Serum, P1200, ELLANA,

3. Ever Bilena Advance Power Paint Multi-Use Color Cream

This pigmented cream can be applied on the eyes, cheeks, lips, and even your body for a pop of color. It sets to a matte powder finish that lasts all day, but with the size of its tube, it can fit right into your makeup kit for easy touch-ups.


Tester Review: "As blush, I only need a tiny dot to cover both my cheeks. The product is very pigmented, so you have to be diligent about blending since it's quite easy to overapply! That said, it's long lasting and has nice color payoff. I tried to use it on my lips, too, and it gives off a natural-looking just-bitten lip look."—Marj Ramos-Clemente


Power Paint Multi-Use Color Cream, P199, EB ADVANCE, Shopee

4. Colourette Colourtint

The Colourtint is Colourette's multi-use hero product that's known for its versatility, blendability, and impressive pigmentation. The oil-based tint is also infused with beeswax and argan oil, which help deliver a smoother blend and extra nourishment.

Tester Review: "When I first tried this product, I was blown away by how pigmented it was despite the thin, water-like texture (although note that it is oil-based). It tints my lips beautifully with a rich color that stays on for hours. The wide color selection is another plus that I think any makeup lover would appreciate."—Nicole Arcano


Colourtint Matte, P299, COLOURETTE, Lazada

5. SkinPotions Glowdust Illuminating Powder

The Glowdust fuses the perks of a face powder and a highlighter with this luminous finishing powder. Aside from evening out your skin tone, it delivers a natural-looking glow so you look matte but not flat.

Tester Review: "Even if I have oily skin, I still want my face to have a bit of a glow after applying powder. That's where Glowdust excels, because it sets my makeup without that overly-matte look. Sometimes, I can get away with not using highlighter thanks to the natural glow it gives."—Nicole Arcano


Glowdust Illuminating Powder, P399, SKINPOTIONS, Lazada

6. Happy Skin Lip Mallow

This matte lip mousse has an air-whipped formula that feels like the liquid lipstick upgrade we all needed in 2020. It contains marshmallow extract that helps soothe the skin, cranberry seed oil for that smoothing moisture, and SPF 15 for sun protection.

Tester Review: "It lives up to its claim: A velvety air-whipped formula that wraps the lips in a weightless cloud of smooth color with a cushion-soft powder matte finish. It couldn't get any more accurate than that."—Nikki Santiago-Rivera


Lip Mallow, P549, HAPPY SKIN, Lazada

7. Careline Wow Brow Liner

The dual-ended Wow Brow Liner gives you the perks of a slim pencil and an angled pencil in one, so you can draw on your arches the way you want them.

Tester Review: "It's easy to use and affordable above anything else. But what makes it such a good value is the slim tip that you can really use to draw hair-like strokes. I don't think there's another brow product with this kind of ultra slim pencil within the same price range. The shades are also very wearable and inclusive."—Maura Rodriguez


Wow Brow Liner, P165, CARELINE, Shopee

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