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The Best Haircut and Hair Color, According to Your Face Shape

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The Best Haircut and Hair Color, According to Your Face Shape
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Salon visits are always better if you have a plan in mind. Below, six stylists share their expertise on how to get the best haircut according to your face shape.

HEART (High, prominent cheekbones, rounded cheeks, and a pronounced chin)

According to Henri Calayag of Henri Calayag Salon, here's how a heart-shaped beauty can get her best tresses:

Try: A layered bob with a soft fringe or a cropped pixie does wonders to show off a delicate bone structure. 

Avoid: Whether worn long or as a bob, avoid one-length cuts which tend to conceal your best features and drag your face down.

Color: Go for a lighter base color than your natural shade to avoid looking too harsh, with a generous helping of chunky highlights. Ombré works well for long hair, with tips lighter than the roots. 

SQUARE (Small face with wide forehead and wide jaw)

Lourd Ramos tells us the unexpected looks you have to try:

Try: Chin-length cuts or sharp-edged bobs above the jaw give the face a nice silhouette. Super short hair also looks good, provided you have a longer fringe to frame the eyes and forehead. Slanted, feathered bangs perfectly frame the face, jaw, cheeks, and ears. 

Avoid: Dark shades—they sharpen angles even more. 

Color: When it comes to highlighting, slices of lightness on top frame the face and create depth.

OVAL (Narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and smooth jawline)

Having an already balanced face shape to deal with, this is what Louis Phillip Kee of Louis Phillip Kee Salon recommends:

Try: No matter what length, you’ll look best with layers near your cheekbones, lips, or chin—whichever feature you want to highlight the most. Pixie cuts frame an oval face and look excellent with spiked bangs. Because oval faces are perfectly balanced, long, layered locks, bouncy bobs, or choppy crops are all excellent options. Oval faces are the most versatile shape; almost any style or cut—long, medium, short, or even super short—will suit you.


Avoid: Oval faces tend to look good in everything, but the shape can appear too long with short layers on top of the head. Also, if hair is thick or curly, avoid a blunt cut to avoid looking like a pyramid.

Color: Add dimension to your cut with high- and lowlights mixed in with the base color. Further enhance an oval face with a light wash of brightness framing the face. 

RECTANGLE (Elongated cheeks with a wide forehead and jawline)

The secrets to flattering an elongated face, according to Jude Hipolito and Rose Velasco of Juro Salon Exclusif:

Try: You want the face to appear shorter and wider by wearing a fringe combined with fullness on the sides. For short hairstyles, it’s best to have a chin-length bob that’s softly layered or curled on the sides, with a side-swept fringe. 

Avoid: Very long cuts, especially one-length varieties or with layers below the shoulders, tend to elongate the face even more. 

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Color:  Ombré hair beginning with dark roots, mid-part color, and graduating to lighter colored ends lessens the look of an elongated face shape. Avoid stripey, solid highlights—they further elongate the rectangular face shape. If you must ask for highlights, request your colorist for fine, woven weaves so color is more diffused with the rest of the hair.

INVERTED TRIANGLE (A wide forehead that narrows down to a long, pointed chin)

If you're still at odds about what this unique shape actually needs, let Alex Carbonell of Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell tell you the essentials:

Try: A silken silhouette with side-swept bangs from temple to temple to balance off your forehead, with round layers around the face to soften the steep angles. Keep the length anywhere between the shoulder to collarbone.

Avoid: Pixie cuts exaggerate the severity of the chin. 

Color: Emphasize lighter shades on the nape area and around the face to add a glow to where narrow areas are seen. This creates the illusion of an oval. 


ROUND (An evenly circular face with smooth lines around the jaw)

Jing Monis of Jing Monis Salon thinks this face shape is more versatile than you think.

Try: Allow the chin to be the focal point. Soften the shape of long hair with layers starting from the chin, or a chin-length bob with side-swept bangs.

Avoid: All styles can work; it’s simply a matter of adjusting the cut to your texture. Women with fine hair should add squared layers, while those with thick hair should texturize more to avoid weight.

Color:  Dip-dyed or ombré hair styled in a middle part gives the illusion of a longer, oval face. 

*This article originally appeared in Preview Magazine July 2012 issue.

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