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The Best Hair Colors to Help Enhance Your Tan Skin

Want to stay a brunette or try going blonde? Check out our top recos here!
The Best Hair Colors to Help Enhance Your Tan Skin
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Want to stay a brunette or try going blonde? Check out our top recos here!

Following age-old beauty rules? We’re happy to report that it’s not really a thing now—especially when it comes to your hair. But just in case you want to do a little research and arm yourself with more color inspo before your next dye job, here are a few of our fave recos for tan skin.

Light, Sunkissed Brown

Could be the filter, but we’re loving the way Kathryn Bernardo’s color got a lot lighter when the sun hit it. If you’re a little new to coloring your hair, going one or two shades lighter than your natural tones would be a good place to start.


Pro Tip: Always switch to a sulfate-free shampoo when you start coloring your hair. Not only can it help prevent your color from fading, but it can also help prevent your strands from getting super dry also.

Dark & Natural

Don’t want to deal with regrowth? We totally get it, so go ahead and rock your natural color. You can just amp it up with a gloss or cellophane treatment for a shine boost (these temporary tints usually wash off with every shampoo, but keeps your strands looking healthy, extra soft, and glossy for a few months).

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Pro Tip: Depending on the formula, some glosses might leave color stains whenever you wash or wet your hair. Switch to darker towels and tops post-shower to help avoid any mishaps.

Silvery Gray

Actress Salma Hayek colored her hair for a movie and we’re loving the edgy-chic vibe! This cool-toned hue is also great for gals who are worried about dying their hair blonde or gold because they don’t want brassy-looking locks. 


Pro Tip:Don’t forget to ask your stylist if they can put or mix a bond protector—especially if you’re going much lighter than your natural color,” suggests celebrity hairstylist Raven Dizon, junior stylist and technical educator at Jing Monis Salon. “This can help protect your strands from breakage and can help your hair become stronger and healthier.”

The Honey Glow

Queen Pia Wurtzbach was the talk of the town when she donned her J.Lo-like tresses. “Light brassy, orange-y and copper is also good for tan skin since it brings out the golden yellow [tones] of your skin,” explains Dizon. 


Pro Tip: This hue can be hard to manage and can easily lighten under the sun. If you plan on hitting the beach or going for a run during the day, make sure you wear a hat to cover your tresses or spray a hair mist that contains UV protection to help preserve your color.

Playful Pink

Want to learn the secret to pulling off this color? Instead of coloring your whole head pink, leaving your roots darker to help anchor it to your skin tone. Pretty cool, right?


Pro Tip: While we love a good DIY, when it comes to trickier colors like this, it’s best to let a pro color and treat your hair–especially if it’s your first time. This way, you won’t have to stress about damaging your hair unnecessarily or having to wash and clean all the pink dye out of your bathroom tiles.

Caramel with Dark Undertones

“Cool brown shades like mocha, deep chestnut, dark chocolate brown, caramel brown, honey, and butterscotch are perfect for tan skin since it gives your complexion a brighter glow,” says Dizon. Ask your colorist to weave in layers of highlights and lowlights with the mentioned color combos—like a dark brown or chocolate brown base with light caramel and honey highlights—for more dimension.


Pro Tip: Multi-colored highlights can get pretty pricey. If you can’t splurge on a deep conditioning treatment after your dye job, bring an at-home mask to the salon and ask if they can apply it after your final rinse. This way, you can give your strands a moisture boost without breaking the bank.

Rose Gold Hints

Dying to color your hair, but don’t want to deal with the maintenance? Then ask your stylist to paint and blend reddish-brown, auburn, or rose gold highlights into your strands using the balayage technique. “Just make sure your highlights aren’t too light, so it doesn’t look too obvious when your hair grows out,” advises Dizon.


Pro Tip: Highlights are also great if you have white hair or don’t want to deal with regrowth since the transition looks a lot more natural. “It’s not as obvious and your roots will blend more seamlessly with your highlights, so you’ll can wait two to three more months before you need to refresh your color,” explains Dizon.

Sea Foam Green

Kim Kardashian loves to change up her look—even if it is with a wig. Still, the reality star looks great with this mermaid vibe and we’re definitely loving this cooler, pastel version more than her neon green look


Pro Tip: If you want to try an extreme hair color, cop Kim’s beauty move by experimenting with a wig for a few days. This way, you can see what it’s like to have that particular hair color IRL, see how it changes your wardrobe choices, and learn to feel empowered (instead of self-conscious) by those who aren’t used to unique beauty choices.

A Bold Red

Top model Jourdan Dunn shows us that your hair color can be the perfect accessory for a cute summer selfie. To help find the most flattering shade for tan skin, ask your stylist for colors like scarlet, merlot, or cherry hues. 


Pro Tip: When caring for red hair, you’ll want to shampoo less frequently to prevent premature fading. Switch to a dry shampoo with a nice fragrance to help refresh strands, soak up excess oil, and add volume. 

Dirty Blonde

Who says Pinays can’t go blonde? Actress and beauty trendsetter Nadine Lustre balances warm and cool tones with this mix of light browns, chestnut, and blonde. The best part? This hair hue will basically look good on all skintones.


Pro Tip: Bleach is usually involved when you’re going from dark-haired to blonde, so make sure you invest in purple shampoo. The cool hue can cancel brassiness and helps prevent those green-ish tones from showing up faster. Another way to save your color? Invest in a shower filter to help prevent any mineral build-up.

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