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Belo's New Sunscreen

Belo Essentials launches SunExpert.
Belo's New Sunscreen Belo Essentials launches SunExpert.

Belo Essentials has become a brand associated with flawless skin. But ironically, the one product that Dr. Vicky Belo waited a while to release was her own line of sun protection lotions. After two years of developing her ideal formulation, she introduces SunExpert into the public.

She shared, "I believe that the application of sunblock should be a daily habit and not just a 'beach' thing. First of all, it is impossible to avoid the sun in the Philippines. But there are other hidden causes of UV radiation damage. For example, cooking can cause melasma. Bright lights, even the ones we use for reading, are enough to harm the skin.

The old adage that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure definitely applies to sunblock."

Non-sticky, water resistant, fragrance-free, lightweight, hypo-allergenic, and dermatologist-tested equals a sunblock that veers as far away from the typically thick, heavy and sticky formulations of sunscreens past. The two products, Face Cover SPF40 and Body Shield SPF60 provide you with broad spectrum protection for half the cost of most foreign products that offer the same promises.

An interesting fact that Dr. Belo explained while launching the product was the clarification of the "water resistant" factor. She noted that in cosmetic product terms, this means that the product adheres to your skin for sixty minutes (versus the eighty minutes allowed by "water-proof" products) while in the water, so reapplication every hour is just as important.

She also explained the difference in SPF values between the face and body formulas. The lower SPF for the facial sunblock means more frequent reapplications. According to Dr. Belo, this is better practice than leaving the lotion on too long, which could cause skin break-outs and clogged pores.

So grab your own tube or two at your nearest drugstore as Dr. Belo reminds, "A sunblock a day keeps the wrinkles away."

Belo Face Cover SPF40, P299, Belo Body Shield SPF60, P449, both available in all leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

—Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant

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