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This Face Powder Is the Matte Sunscreen You Need in Your Makeup Kit

It'll protect your skin sans the shine!
This Face Powder Is the Matte Sunscreen You Need in Your Makeup Kit
IMAGE Belo SunExpert
It'll protect your skin sans the shine!

Fun fact: Belo SunExpert's Face Cover SPF 40 was one of the first sunscreens I've ever used. It was the product I wore on the latter half of my college years until I started working, and it was everything my oily, skincare noob teen self ever wanted. And honestly, if it weren't my job now to try different different products, I'd still be using it!

That said, because I'm such a fan of this product and Belo's sunscreens in general, I had high expectations for their latest launch: A translucent setting powder with SPF! Read on for our full review!

A Review of the Belo SunExpert Translucent Loose Powder

The Translucent Loose Powder is the latest addition to the Belo SunExpert line. It's a setting powder with SPF 30, and claims to set makeup with a matte, soft-focus finish that resists caking, creasing, and shine. Like the brand's popular tinted sunscreen, it also contains tone adapt technology that evens out the skin tone. To suit all skin types, the formula is talc-free, non-comedogenic, and hypoallergenic.


Translucent Loose Powder SPF 30, P450, BELO SUNEXPERT, Shopee/Lazada/Watsons

How I Used It

After unboxing the product, I was pleasantly surprised at how small it was. The compact was smaller than the palm of my hand, but it already holds 10 grams of finely-milled powder, a small mirror, plus a sponge applicator. I love how it requires a bit of effort to open, too, because that only means the possibility of the powder accidentally spilling is low.

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I used this powder for a week straight as the very last step of my morning skincare routine. I applied it over three skincare products: Aesop's Lucent Facial Concentrate (a vitamin C serum), Hada Labo's Hydrating Light Cream (moisturizer), and Two Lips' Pore Refining Sunscreen with SPF 50. At the end of this regimen, my face usually becomes a little dewy. I'd usually dull that shine with powder foundation, but I switched to Belo's sunscreen powder to see if it could do the job just as well—and it did.


Application is pretty straightforward with this product: I just flip open the compact, remove the plastic covering on the sieve, and then press the sponge on the surface to get some powder. I suggest tapping off a bit of the excess before putting the sponge on your face, because I didn't do that the first time and ended up with too much. Thankfully, the powder is very forgiving, and it only took a few swipes to blend the product into my skin.


I concentrate the product under my eyes to set my concealer (sometimes just on bare skin to brighten) and on my T-zone to mattify. That said, if I weren't already wearing sunscreen, I'd definitely apply this all over my face and my neck to maximize sun protection.


The finish, as expected, was very matte. I wouldn't exactly say that it was invisible on the skin, because I did look like I was wearing powder, but I personally don't mind my face looking a little "done" as long as I don't look cakey (I wasn't). That said, I can imagine the finish being more subtle if you were to use a brush with it.

What I do mind, though, is a bad white cast. Thankfully, this product didn't give me that despite having a high SPF of 30. It simply stayed true to its translucent claims, and didn't make me look like a ghost in real life nor on my webcam.



As for the staying power, it kept me matte for around four hours until shine starts seeping through (I'm very oily). I just blot with a tissue and reapply if I want to stay matte, but even if I don't, I'll only become reasonably dewy by night time. And I'd choose that over my usual greaseball look any day.


Even if I'm very consistent with my sunscreen use, I've always found reapplication to be such a hassle. Powder has always been my only option, and the Belo SunExpert Translucent Loose Powder is such a godsend for having enough SPF while also being easy to apply. I specifically appreciate that it's translucent than tinted, not only because it's less likely to get cakey, but because I can use it even when I don't feel like wearing makeup. The oil control is huge a plus, too!

When it comes to practicality, the compact is as handy as it can get. It's small enough to carry on the go or simply have on my desk for quick touch-ups, and the sponge applicator is easy to wash and replace. Overall, I definitely think it's a steal for a product that's under 500 pesos!


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