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Bela Padilla Cut and Colored Her Own Hair and Here's How She Did It

She gave herself a light brown lob at home!
Bela Padilla Cut and Colored Her Own Hair and Here's How She Did It
She gave herself a light brown lob at home!

Being in quarantine has made DIY haircuts and hair colors quite the popular past time. Though we've seen enough horrific bang-trimming and bleaching videos online to know that these don't always work out, subtle changes won't hurt if you're extra careful. (Otherwise, please wait until your go-to hair salon reopens!)

Bela Padilla's recent hair transformation, which she did completely solo at home, is proof that a successful self-haircut and color is definitely possible. The actress went from having dark, chest-length locks to a light brown lob, documenting the entire process on her YouTube channel. Check out the transformation below!


Here's how she did it:

She sectioned her locks with hair ties to achieve a blunt lob.

Before chopping off her strands, Bela washed her hair and brushed it while it was damp so it would fall flat. She then sectioned her locks into four (two in front, two at the back), using hair ties on each one to mark the length of hair that she would cut. To make sure the cut was even on all sides, she repeatedly compared the markers on all sections and pulled the ties to adjust them. Once she was satisfied, she snipped away! (Need more self-haircut tips? Click here!)

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She used a blonde box dye to lighten her black hair.

According to Bela, she chose an organic blonde box dye from Healthy Options for her at-home color. This helped lighten her black locks, giving it a glossy light brown tint. (Click here for a detailed guide on using box dyes correctly!)

Check out Bela's vlog below to see the entire process and some bonus hairstyling tips!

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