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Bela Padilla Had the Best Response to Body Shamers on Instagram

Deal with it.
Bela Padilla Had the Best Response to Body Shamers on Instagram
Deal with it.

Celebrities receive hundreds of comments online on a daily dasis but it's not every day that one actually takes the extra mile to respond to a hater. That's exactly what Bela Padilla did just recently, when she received backhanded compliments on a swimsuit post on Instagram.

During an event in Amanpulo, the actress shared a photo of her sitting by the shore, flashing the camera a smile while in her two-piece swimsuit. However, the mood quickly turned sour when people began commenting about her belly. "May konting belly but still sexy," one user wrote.

The actress was quick to call the situation out, airing her sentiments on Twitter.

"Shocked by the number of comments on my IG post, pointing out that I have a belly," she writes. "Yes I do. It holds in my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat. Deal with it. PLUS I'm seated."


In addition, she points out why she chose to post the photo the way it was instead of resorting to editing. "Would it have made you more comfortable if I edited my photo to perfection? Because I could have easily done that," she tweets. "But what message does it send to the younger ones? That our photos are only likeable when we’re perfect in photos? Not from me. NEVER."

Soon after, positive feedback filled the photo's comment section and Bela's Twitter account, applauding her for standing up for herself and inspiring others to be their natural selves on social media.

Stay real, Bela!


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