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Beauty Talk: Common Concerns Of Women From 20 To 40

Kathryn Bernardo, Judy Ann Santos, and Karen Davila dish on beauty problems.
Beauty Talk: Common Concerns Of Women From 20 To 40 Kathryn Bernardo, Judy Ann Santos, and Karen Davila dish on beauty problems.

When it comes to saying young, time usually goes against us. It’s as if the older we get the more skin problems we have to face. But as technology develops, we’re given hope that there is a way to keep that youthful glow in our skin.

Milestones and birthdays are somehow matched with skin concerns that come with each age. In our adolescent years, each crush was marked by a zit that popped up somewhere near the lip. In our twenties, it’s the paring of dull and dry skin and number of (alcoholic) liquids we take in during nights out. With every decade comes a new concern. But how do some women manage to look as if they were drinking from the fountain of youth? Easy—it’s by religiously following beauty regimens.  We talk to three lovely ladies and ask what concerns they have at their age. Our best-dressed dermatologist, Dr. Aivee Agulair-Teo, joins in on the discussion as she gives tips on how to solve these beauty woes.


DR. AIVEE SAYS: Soprano Ice is the latest and most effective laser technology available today designed to remove unsightly hairs on the legs, underarms, and other areas of concern. This can now be achieved without pain, downtime, and any forms of discomfort. Best of all, treatments are only once a month and takes less than 20 minutes!

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DR. AIVEE SAYS: Fine lines and lack of radiance are some of the most common concern women in their 30s complain about. It's necessary for them to start with a very simple skin regimen to ensure that cells are properly nourished and energized to function optimally. Try a simple regimen of cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish at night, and protect in the morning. Try to visit the derma as well for professional treatments like TriLase which works by deeply invigorating the deep layers of the skin with the power of a combination of lasers.


DR. AIVEE SAYS: Maintaining young, supple, and healthy skin in your 40s is easier than most people think. Monthly facials and oxygen infusions such as Geneo effectively revives dulling skin cells while effectively resurfacing dead skin cells. You can also treat your skin with regular Radio Frequency treatments, like Venus Freeze or Protege, to stimulate collagen production and maintain supple, tight, and luminous skin.


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