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Beauty Secrets And Life Stories From A Model's Perspective

Arizona Muse dishes on beauty tips, modelling secrets, and being a Modern Muse.
Beauty Secrets And Life Stories From A Model's Perspective Arizona Muse dishes on beauty tips, modelling secrets, and being a Modern Muse.

They grace the catwalk with their lengthy gams and fill up glossies with their mesmerizing stares. They’re more than just clothes hangers – they are models and for some, muses.

But what really is the job description of a muse? Are they just there to inspire you? Are they supposed to act like your creative conscience? With the launch of their latest fragrance, beauty label Estée Lauder launches model Arizona Muse as its own Modern Muse to embody the essence of the fragrance – soft and feminine, yet strong and sure of herself. Read on as she shares her story, from travels, modelling and motherhood, and of course her life in beauty.

What is your idea of a modern muse?

My idea of a modern muse is someone who is confident, stylish and inspiring to others. A modern muse is in charge of her life and happy.

Who do you think of as iconic muses?


I think Joan of Arc is iconic. She was a woman who maintained her femininity, but was strong enough to lead an army of men into battle. I also think of all the models before me as muses, particularly Carolyn Murphy. She has been in the industry for so long and has had such a long career with Estée Lauder. I find that really inspiring. And also Angelina Jolie. She is beautiful, talented, she protects her children, which as a mother, is so important for me. And she gives so much back.

Who are your own personal muses?

I’d say my personal muses are my friends and my mum!

Who inspires you?

The person I find most inspiring is my son. And also mothers around the world. We all have a mother and they always have the best advice and do so much for everyone else. They are very inspiring.

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Tell us about your skincare routine.

I am obsessed with clean skin. I always use a foaming cleanser then a toner. Then I apply ANR. In the morning I add Day Wear BB Creme.

How about beauty on-the-go? Any travel tips?

Drink plenty of water and always carry concealer! It really helps disguise the black circles under your eyes after a long flight.

And fitness?

I love yoga. It is more than just physical fitness. It is about balance in your emotional life as well.

You caused a media frenzy when you cut your hair short! How do you like it?

I love having short hair! I would suggest to anyone cutting their hair to stick with it for a while. That’s the fun of it. It changes all the time as it grows.

You are famous for your eyebrows.

I don’t pluck them and I also fill in the gaps with a pencil. I love the Estée Lauder Automatic Brow Pencil Duo.


What’s your signature beauty look?

Even skin tone. I love contouring! I use brown eyeliner on the inside of my eyes.

What’s the best beauty advice you got from your mother?

Don’t pluck your eyebrows!

Let’s talk about fashion. What’s your favorite piece of clothing?

Coats and jackets. I have a whole closet just for my jackets! Everything else is in another closet.

What do you like to splurge on?

I like to stay in nice hotels when I travel. But otherwise, I don’t want too many ‘things’, so I don’t really splurge.

You travel a lot for work. What are your favorite places in London and New York?

I love downtown New York – especially Soho. I love to eat at La Esquina when I come back to New York. It has great Mexican food.  In London, I love Granger & Co. the fashion label in Joseph and Kensington Gardens.


Where are you living now?

I moved to London last year and I love it. I love the weather, the fresh air, and the parks. My mother’s family also lives there so it is nice being close to them. I am so happy there.

How do you juggle single motherhood and modeling?

It is really hard. You have to find a balance. I like to take Nikko with me when I can. Motherhood has brought so much to my life and I wouldn’t change anything. But sometimes it is challenging and I am lucky to have great support from family and friends.

What is your advice to other girls wanting to become a model?

Just be yourself, be confident and be nice to others.

What’s next for Arizona?

I feel like there is so much time ahead of me I can achieve lots of things. I would like to take an acting course just to study facial expressions and of course I look forward to more campaigns with Estée Lauder!


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