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Here Are the Beauty Resolutions These Women Are Making in 2021

Time to set those skin-tentions!
Here Are the Beauty Resolutions These Women Are Making in 2021
IMAGE Instagram/emmanmagpantay, bellaesguerra
Time to set those skin-tentions!

As we welcome the new year, we're committed to having resolutions that'll make us feel good inside and out. The previous year has made us value the things we often take for granted, so it's time to reevaluate our perspective in aspects of our lives such as our health, our career, and even our everyday beauty routines. 

After exchanging resolutions with our fellow beauty girls, it shows that many of us are starting to be mindful of our habits, be it through committing to a better skincare philosophy, paying better attention to our diet, or becoming a conscious consumer. And if you need inspiration, we asked eight women to reveal the beauty resolutions they're committing to this year. Scroll down to find a new beauty habit to keep!

1. Kaila Estrada, Model (@kailaestrada)

Resolution: Eat clean.

"My beauty resolution this 2021 is to eat clean because I realized that if we want better skin, hair, etc. we need to be mindful of what we put in our bodies, too, because it’s all connected. Also, don't take sunscreen for granted!"


2. Melissa Gatchalian, Content Creator (@sartorialpanda)

Resolution: Wear more SPF.

"Staying indoors most of the time has made me super lazy and complacent with applying sunscreen. Though I know you can even get skin damage by blue light emitted from screens! So this year, I'm gonna try wearing sunscreen more religiously!"

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3. Emman Magpantay, Makeup Artist (@emmanmagpantay)

Resolution: Exploring different styles of makeup.

"Beauty is such a versatile and creative industry to be in. This year, I want to open myself to learn and be inspired by different makeup styles and techniques from the artists around me! I feel like makeup and beauty are always evolving, and there is always something new to learn. Staying inspired is one of the most effective ways for me to be motivated to learn, so I take time to create mini moodboards and inspiration archives to keep my ideas fresh. Hopefully, I’ll be able to create looks that can be included in someone’s moodboards too! Looking forward to a creative year for 2021!"


4. Gabrielle Diaz, Beauty Content Creator (@gabriellediaz) 

Resolution: To be a more conscious consumer.

"Since I transformed my Instagram account to a beauty-centric page, I was so overwhelmed with the options in the beauty industry that I just wanted to try all of them! The problem, though, is that I have only one face and products expire. So for 2021, I hope to be a more conscious consumer by purchasing beauty products only when I empty one out from the same category. [There's] less pressure to finish opened products and more time to enjoy them. I also want to keep my goal of supporting brands that only align with my values!"


5. Rhea Bue, Content Creator(@rheabue) 

Resolution: Focus on skincare.

"My beauty resolution this 2021 would be paying more attention to skincare. Give it more TLC since I am planning to experiment with exciting makeup looks this year!"


6. Bella Esguerra, Visual Artist (@bellaesguerra)

Resolution: Prioritize skincare over makeup.

"This year, I want to focus more on having healthy-looking skin. I love putting on makeup, but it took me a while to realize that I don't need a lot of makeup when I have healthy skin. I want to put on makeup for the purpose of enhancing my face and not to cover up blemishes. I can't always control how my skin will look every day because of hormonal fluctuations, but I can start taking care of it by sticking to my day and night skincare routine, changing my pillowcase once a week, throwing away expired makeup, and cleaning my makeup brushes."


7. Iman Cristal, Model, Beauty Content Creator (@iman.chesca)

Resolution: Get that "glow" from within.

"This year, I'm looking forward to getting my skin at its best, not only through skincare products but also with the help of natural and simple remedies such as drinking more water, sweating out toxins, maintaining a healthy diet (healthy gut = healthy skin!) and a no-brainer—8 hours of sleep!"


8. Julia Petalver, Content Manager (@___jools) 

Resolution: Work on wellness habits.

"Water and meditation are my top 2021 resolutions for beauty inside-out! Less skin products, more of natural hydration! Plus, will never go out of bed without a few minutes of meditation."

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