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Beauty Poll

We asked, you answered.
Beauty Poll We asked, you answered.

We asked 50 working women across different age and market demographics how much they would spend on beauty, and the results were varied and interesting. Hair got more love than skin, as 46% were willing to shell out P1500 to P3000 for haircare products as opposed to 64% for only P500 to P1500 for skincare. For cut, a range of P500 to P1500 was deemed the most reasonable, getting 64% of respondents' votes, with a range of P1500 to P3000 deciding it for coloring services at 46%.

Curiously, makeup was a tied contender, with 36% of respondents willing to spend from P500 to P1500 and P1500 to P3000 on cosmetics. Fragrance was on the rightmost end of the spectrum, earning 46% of the votes under the over P3000 mark. Nailcare got the exact opposite, as a whopping 82% voted for services that were priced below P500.

Facial and spa treatments got the most votes—64% and 55%, respectively—under the P500 to P1500 range each, as well as 55% for other miscellaneous services like waxing and threading.

Our female correspondents generally agreed that shelling out P500 to P3000 on beauty products and services is within reason, especially in difficult financial climes as these. Beauty ain't free, but it needn't be out of reach!

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor

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