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Beauty Lab: Wella Hair Color At Jing Monis Bellevue

Three Style Bible editors try change their hair hues for the new year.
Beauty Lab: Wella Hair Color At Jing Monis Bellevue Three Style Bible editors try change their hair hues for the new year.

The allure to get new hair color is never quite as strong as in the new year. To start off 2012 with a bang, three Style Bible editors sampled the Wella color services care of the Jing Monis Salon in Bellevue, Alabang in order to match our new year's pep with a spanking new color. 


Jacque de Borja, Editorial Assistant 

What was your hair like pre-dye?

My hair is quite fine with the color a medium shade of brown before my appointment. Because my hair would look flat most of the time, I had a perm a year ago with my curls but the color of my hair then didn’t really give dimension or the illusion of volume.

What kind of change were you looking for?

I wanted something that I’ve never tried before. Since I already colored my hair in a lighter shade of brown a few years back, I wanted to try red with purple undertones (a trend for the year) to make my curly locks look more current

What color did you settle on?

I settled for Wella’s Medium Brown intensive Violet Mahogany. It belongs to the red family but wasn’t going to be a drastic change since I was still a bit hesitant to go crazy. The hair color experts suggested this shade because it was more subtle and still kept my hair dark.

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What was the process like?

It took us about 3 hours to color and treat my hair with a moisturizing mask. They started with brushing the dye on my roots first then after a few minutes, they continued to brush the dye to the rest of my hair. After that, they rinsed and applied a moisturizing mask to make sure my locks feel silky soft. They finished up with a rinse and a fab blow dry!

How did you like the result?

I love how my hair looks dark indoors but when light or the sun hits it, it transforms into a bright purple-ish red shade. It’s amazing and I love it! I also got a lot of compliments for my new hairdo!

Who would you recommend the color for?

I would recommend it to the girls who want change but still want something subtle, it’s also perfect for medium skin tones, and it makes your features pop!


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