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Beauty Lab: La Mer The Radiance Serum

We test the luxe brand's newest hydrating wonder product.
Beauty Lab: La Mer The Radiance Serum We test the luxe brand's newest hydrating wonder product.

Reggie Aquino, Associate Beauty Editor

Attending the launch for The Radiance Serum a few months back, I remember Brand Coordinator for La Mer, Ina Casas, likening the effect of the product on the skin to fresh water clearing up a muddy pond. Never realizing that my skin could be so quenched for thirst since growing up accustomed to my oily complexion, I initially didn't really see how more hydration would be much use to my skin.

Instead of the wonder Miracle Broth that is usually a main ingredient in La Mer products, this serum instead contains a couple of new cutting-edge ingredients such as Blue Algae Lift Ferment which plumps and lifts, Oxygenating Waters that help balance and calm and Resurfacing Waters which exfoliate and refinish the skin.


Initial Use

One of my first observations was The Radiance Serum's refreshing scent. Aquatic and slightly zesty, I always appreciate skincare products that deliver sublte fragrance without overpowering my olfactory senses. The liquid was very light but spread easily across my face and almost immediately after touching the skin, the gel absorbed and disappeared into a light film.


During the press launch, Ina also noted that serums should not be seen as a replacement for moisturizers. Although they are more potent, serums usually work best when followed by a moisturizer. Following her advice, I then finished with their famed Creme de la Mer to really pack in the moisture.

Eight hours later and my skin felt plump, hydrated and rejuvinated. I suddenly totally understood Ina's murky pond allusion right then! Aside from the physical benefits, my skin texture felt silky, with any flakiness I felt a few days back gone and replaced with suppleness. I used the serum again the next day under my makeup but with a much lighter moisturizer over it just to make sure I didn't get too oily throughout the day.

One Month Later

After using the product for a month, I am happy to note that the serum has maintained its level of effectivity on my skin. Although I know I already mentioned it earlier, the biggest improvement in my case was the refined texture. With The Radiance Serum also positioned to target the refining of pores, I noticed while my pores didn't actually shrink to non-existence, my over all complexion did feel tighter and elastic.

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General Comments/Recommendations

The biggest lesson I learned from all of this was that moisture doesn't equal oil. Just because you have oily skin does not mean that you shouldn't be applying products that hydrate your skin throughout the day. Best advice is to choose products that are light enough not to clog your pores like this serum. Geared toward a younger La Mer customer, this product is great for those of you who are looking for a product to jumpstart your anti-aging regimen. Although the hefty price tag may be a little off-putting, its a good product to look into for those of you who are willing to spend for a luxury product that really delivers results—and trust me, this just may be worth every cent.

The Radiance Serum, P14,500, La Mer at Rustans Makati.

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