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Beauty Lab: Kerastase Fusio Dose

Style Bible editors get a tailor-made treatment care of the brand's newest in salon service.
Beauty Lab: Kerastase Fusio Dose Style Bible editors get a tailor-made treatment care of the brand's newest in salon service.

Isha Andaya, Managing Editor


Using the Fusio-Dose site really made me think about what my hair concerns were. The questions were straight forward and I liked how I was instructed on how to properly look at and examine my hair in order to select an answer. (It wasn’t rocket science; just good old observation.) I discovered, and eventually decided when asked, that my primary concern was that my hair was fine and seemed to be thinning due to crazy amount of hairfall I’ve been experiencing. My secondary concern was that I had recently colored my hair after having let it rest for over 3 years. I wanted to protect and enhance my new shade.

My diagnosis was pretty in pink and purple: Fibrionic System Concentrate and Omega Booster. I liked how I could handily print out the results and present it to the David’s junior stylist attending to me.



Since my hair is fairly long now, they used two bottles of the purple. I was surprised that they used two purple boosters and two pink boosters too. Based on my diagnosis, it seemed my fragile hair really needed the intense boost, hence the double dose of purple. My stylist showed me how each booster was infused into the concentrate, the visible hue of the potion mixing in like a cloud of color.

The treatment itself was nice and quick and didn’t require the discomfort of a heated steamer or lamp placed above my head. Instead, I received a great scalp, back, and arm massage for the duration, which lasted about an hour max, with the blow dry too!

I left the Kerastase Academie with my hair feeling nicely soft and my color lightly revived. It was great!

Days Later

Kerastase Ambassador Laura Charlton told us that the effects would last at least a week and like antibiotics, it was best to complete a round of about 7-8 treatments spread across a few weeks to really restore health back to your hair.

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I washed my hair with Kerastase’s Chroma Sensitive the week following the treatment to see if the recommended pairing really had noticeable results. I’ve found that eight days later, my hair fall is well controlled—no strands left behind on the pillow or my hair tie and just one or two strands on the bathroom floor in contrast to the pile of the past. The softness also lasted throughout the week, a difficult feat considering my wavy, frizz-prone hair.

I’m so pleased with the results that I plan to take Laura’s advice and see the course of the treatment through.

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