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Beauty Lab: Kerastase Fusio Dose

Style Bible editors get a tailor-made treatment care of the brand's newest in salon service.
Beauty Lab: Kerastase Fusio Dose Style Bible editors get a tailor-made treatment care of the brand's newest in salon service.

Reggie Aquino, Associate Beauty Editor


While I tried the service at the new L’Oreal Academie, the Kerastase team created an environment that simulated what the process would be like for a consumer from home to the salon. First, I was asked to log onto the Fusio-Dose site in order to undergo and online diagnosis. During the five-minute program, I was asked certain questions about my current hair state. Do color my hair? Do I consider my hair to be dry? Is it hard to detangle? All of which led to an assessment of my answers. After all questions were answered, the screen showed my diagnosis: Nutri-Huile  concentrate with an Ionium + Argine booster which both target dry, unruly hair to deliver moisture, softness and nourishment. What’s great about logging into the site is that it presents you with a printable diagnosis page that you can show your stylist when you arrive for your appointment.



Upon examining my hair strands herself, my hair stylist Divine then informed me that she needed to use two bottles of the Nutri-Huile concentrate mixed with four Ionium + Arginine boosters—apparently my hair is that thick. Next, she mixed the concoction right in front of my which was pretty cool in itself. The booster comes in the form of a cap, which when fastened onto the bottle of the concentrate releases the serum. After a little shaking, the custom formula was ready for use.

The application itself took no more than ten minutes after which I had to wait another fifteen minutes for the deep conditioners to really set in. After a quick wash, a blow-dry followed which left my hair feeling a lot lighter and a whole lot shinier.

 Days Later

I decided to not wash my hair until 24 hours later in order to reap the full benefits of my newly treated hair. For a good four to five days after Fusio Dose, my hair was considerably softer to touch and much easier to style in the morning.  With my really thick, long hair, weight has always been a problem (especially in our humid weather) and this treatment really alleviated this discomfort. It was also great that blow-drying wasn’t such a big struggle in the morning as my strands seemed to fall straight more naturally than usual.

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I’d definitely recommend this treatment for all working women who need a pick-me-up every few weeks. For just a one-hour appointment, Fusio Dose is such a convenient service to take advantage of especially for all the upcoming holiday parties you have to look your best for!

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