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Beauty Lab: Digital Perm

Testing Be@uty Brick's Digiperm service.
Beauty Lab: Digital Perm Testing Be@uty Brick's Digiperm service.

Nestled within Jupiter Street in Makati is Beauty Brick (Note: Signage spells beauty as Be@uty), a charming little Korean hair salon so small and unassuming that it could be easily missed with the blink of an eye.  Walking in, you come face to face with a  yellow "Sex Pistols" plastic bear standing by the glass doors and greeted by the entire staff who welcomes you in unison upon arrival.

The interiors are painted in graphic red, white and black and awesome wall art that adorns its four corners. Headed by stylist Shin, Beauty Brick is relatively new to the salon scene, recently celebrating its first year anniversary (although Shin operated another local salon previously for five years). I ventured in with my good friend (and eager guinea pig), Carla Concepcion for her appointment to get a Digital Perm.  

One of the trickiest of hair procedures, perms have often gotten a bad rep from girls who have gone into the salons looking for effortless curls and walked out with unmanageable frizz. But with the introduction of the Digital Perm, many a perm naysayer has been converted.


Using a heat-activated machine, unlike the regular perm, the digital reincarnation allows you to easily customize the size and placement of your curls to suit your face shape and hair cut. Also, Digital Perms tend to last shorter than regular perms (which you need to grow out), perfect for those who are looking for temporary makeover.

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