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Beauty Lab: Creations By Lourd Ramos

Jacque de Borja tries and tests top hair stylist Lourd Ramos' newest solo salon venture.
Beauty Lab: Creations By Lourd Ramos Jacque de Borja tries and tests top hair stylist Lourd Ramos' newest solo salon venture.

After his successful stint as a top stylist at premier Rockwell salon, Emphasis, Lourd Ramos unveiled his newest endevour, Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon. A space to call his own, the posh salon is housed in the new Glorietta 5 building, decked out with elegant chandeliers and glossy white furniture contrasted against printed burgundy walls. Style Bible sent Jacque de Borja to check out Lourd's new digs to give you the heads up on whether you too should be booking your own appointment now.

Jacque De Borja, Editorial Assistant

Salon Interiors


"Creations Salon is smaller than other salons out there, but Lourd makes sure that he uses every nook and cranny to his advantage. The overall design is very feminine but not over the top, making you feel like you’re just prepping in your own vanity. The salon easily houses seats that are evenly spaced out inside the salon although the cozy space can get a bit tight when it’s a full house. Cleanliness is a big factor and Creations met our expectations—there were people in charge of making sure that each area is clean, neat and comfortable."


"The staff was really courteous and at the same time was conscious my needs. They made sure that I was comfortable and well taken cared of. They were also very knowledgeable of the services offered by the salon. If you happen to drop by without being sure of what you need to do, they offer you a variety of choices that you can have done based on your hair’s current state."

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"I asked Lourd to give me a haircut that wasn't too drastic. I explained to him that I had my hair permed last year but the curls seem to be dying down, I wanted him to trim it but not give me a major change in length. He said he’d layer my hair to make my curls lively again. After working on my hair, it seemed more voluminous and the curls were really more prominent. Overall, I was happy with the results because I got exactly what I wanted."

General Comments

"I really enjoyed my experience at Creations because I felt like the service I got was personal. Lourd and his staff really made sure that they catered to my needs, down to the type of shampoo and conditioner they used on my hair (Davines volume line). I’ll definitely be back to have my hair cut, colored or treated!"


To book an appointment with Lourd Ramos at Creations by Lourd Ramos Salon, see the Salon and Spa Directory.

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