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Beauty Lab: Brow Shaping

Three Style Bible editors offer up their arches to review brow-hancing services.
Beauty Lab: Brow Shaping Three Style Bible editors offer up their arches to review brow-hancing services.

Jacque de Borja, Editorial Assistant 

BROWHAUS BROWGRAPHY (Threading + Color Tweak)

I have thin strands on my brows but they tend to be very bushy when left unattended. I even have the tendency to grow a uni-brow if I leave it untouched for too long and because of that I regularly have my brows threaded once a month and maintain them by plucking in between appointments

During my visit to Browhaus, I tried their Browgraphy treatment, which shapes and colors your brows to perfectly suit your face.
As I stepped into a private room, I was asked to sit in a very comfortable chair similar to a barber's seat. The technician then analyzed my brows and let me know about their current state (such as brow alignment, thickness, symmetry and so on), she then suggested a shape that was most suitable for my face.

After that she gently cleansed the area of my face that she would be working on to remove any dirt and makeup. 
She started with a vegetable dye (so it's safe to use on your face) that was meant to lighten my brows (in order to match my current hair color), leaving the product on for about 15 minutes. After removing the dye, she gave me a mirror to check the new color of my brows, after which she proceeded with threading.

She asked for my participation at some points to hold down my eyelids. Then, she proceeded to trim and pluck fine strands that were left behind after threading. The whole process took about 30 minutes but I left with the perfect brows for my face. Since   no bleaching or peroxide was used in the dyeing process, I was told that the color would only last three weeks but the more often you have the service done, the longer the color lasts in between sessions. 

I would suggest it to everyone, especially women who like to change their hair color a lot. The Color Tweak allows you to have your brows colored and lightened  to match your new hair. As for the shape, they help you find the perfect one that best suit your face. It is a bit pricey, so we suggest that you schedule your sessions accordingly or maybe avail of their promos (treatments bought in bulk) to get a good deal.

Browgraphy Shaping and Color Tweak, P1295, Browhaus.

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