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Beauty Lab: Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual

We review Neo Day Spa's latest scrub+massage offering that made us silky smooth and seriously relaxed in just 90 minutes.
Beauty Lab: Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual We review Neo Day Spa's latest scrub+massage offering that made us silky smooth and seriously relaxed in just 90 minutes.

REGGIE AQUINO, Associate Beauty Editor


Meant to transport you to a quiet mountain landscape, the Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual involves a mild scrub using cooling crystals and a soothing massage administered using the tips of crystal wands. All products used during the treatment are organic and contain whitening agents taken from the Alpine region.


There’s something about  Neo Day Spa in the Fort that always manages to get me into a much calmer mindset the moment I step inside. A full-service spa tucked away in the heart of high-rise buildings, it’s a secluded hideaway for busy 9 to 5ers to de-stress during the weekend after a particularly hectic week.

To begin the Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual, I was ushered into a quiet room lit with the Baborganic candle that created a gentle aromatic haze which immediately got me in the mood for relaxation.  The treatment began with my therapist lightly stretching my body using the bed sheets as an anchor to gently relax my joints. She then signaled that it was time to begin the scrub portion of the treatment.


To be completely honest, I am not the biggest fan of scrubs. First of all, I find that having to lie down on plastic wrap is makes for an uncomfortable few minutes and second, I don’t like having to stand up mid-treatment to take a shower. The best thing about the Baborganic Snowflake treatment was that it involved neither. Starting from the feet, my therapist rubbed on the waxy flakes onto my skin in circular movements, brushing off the flakes once she finished a certain area. The exfoliant was just the right consistency with the fine granules not too abrasive on the skin. Once the entire area of my body was finished (both front and back sides!), it was time for the special massage.

Unlike most massages, the therapist did not use her bare hands and fingers for the treatment. Instead she employed the use of two crystal wands (imagine two long clear lollipops), to navigate through each area, using several techniques of kneading, stroking or pressing the instruments which equated into a greatly relaxing experience. The oil used for the massage (I later found out) was actually the wax of the Baborganic candle that was lit at the beginning of the 90-minute treatment, allowing the whole ritual to come full circle.

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Lovely treatment that I would recommend for those of you who are in dire need of some serious pampering! While 90 minutes may seem like a lot to ask in the midst of a busy schedule, it is a good way to cap off the evening as it leaves you in a relaxed state of mind.

With all the weather changes happening lately, I'd also recommend this treatment for those of you who are experiencing some dryness. A great way to even-out your skin tone, this will slough off rough dead skin cells to recondition your skin toward a buttery state of smooth.

Baborganic Snowflake Treatment Ritual, P2,950, Neo Day Spa. See the Salon and Spa Directory for details.

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