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Beauty Lab: Azta Urban Salon Sm San Lazaro

Three Style Bible editors sample the menu of services at the newly opened branch.
Beauty Lab: Azta Urban Salon Sm San Lazaro Three Style Bible editors sample the menu of services at the newly opened branch.

JACQUE DE BORJA, Editorial Assitant

"I already had my hair permed a year ago and but my curls were already dying down. I wanted something to touch up my perm so that I wouldn't have to use my curlers every morning (with the regular perm, I had to set my medium-dry hair with foam curlers to really bring out the shape). When I got to Azta, I asked for the Digital Perming Plus, a combination of a digital perm and a conditioning treatment to make my curls softer and more natural looking."



"Before the hair specialist started with the digital perm, she first asked me about all the treatments that I went through before to be able to figure out the current status of my hair. After asking me about my hair, she proceeds to have my hair rinsed with shampoo and conditioner, and then a blow dry. Then they added the moisturizing cream and waited for it to set for about 20 minutes.

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Next, they soaked my hair in the solution and then rinsed and dried my hair again. The next step was to set my hair in rollers that were to be attached to the digital perming machine. This step took about 45 minutes to an hour with each roller attached to a wire. This heated up the hair at the right temperature to help set my curls and at the same time to activate the solution.

After disconnecting me from the machine, they applied the neutralizer and then eventually removed the rollers, then rinsed. As for the styling, they applied a curl-enhancing mouse and just scrunched it up. It was easy breezy!"



"I liked the fact that they used a moisturizing cream to protect my hair before doing the procedure, it helped with my hair’s current state and texture. Unlike my previous hair perming experience, this one was definitely easier to style, it required less time since I didn’t have to set them in rollers like before, all I have to do is add some product and then I’m good to go.

The service and the staff was really accommodating as well, they made sure that I was comfortable and they would never fail to update me and walk me through the steps of digital perming."

Digital Perming Plus!, P4500 plus an additional P1000 for longer lengths, Azta Urban Salon SM San Lazaro. See the Salon and Spa Directory for details.

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