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10 Beauty Splurges You Should Make In Your 20s

Treat yourself.
10 Beauty Splurges You Should Make In Your 20s
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
Treat yourself.

Our skin care and makeup collection speak for themselves: beauty comes at a (steep) cost. Because despite our love for affordable finds, investing in certain items can give you worthwhile results in the long-term. For example, splurging a little on skin care can prevent the onslaught of sun damage you'll definitely mourn over in your 40s. Meanwhile, replacing your beauty tools with more durable items averts the hassle of repurchasing.

Approaching this world of luxury wisely still means being rigid in choosing your investments though, especially if you're in as ripe of a time as your 20s. For some valuable suggestions, see our priority list below:

1. Facials

Since your skin enters a new phase in your 20s, you need to follow it through these changes to keep it healthy. Facials are definitely worth the splurge in this regard, since it keeps your skin clean and clear even if you're as busy as a bee. And while you're at it, turn this splurge into a habit to prevent issues like dullness and scarring as you age.


Dermalogica Skin Detoxifying Facial, P1700, Rustan's Shangri-la

2. Quality makeup brushes

Your daily makeup application will go on much smoother with reliable brushes. Invest in individuals or sets that are soft on the skin and not prone to shedding to spare yourself the trouble of repurchasing new ones often. Start your collection with essentials like brushes for powder and foundation, then slowly work your way up to smaller wands for the eyes and lips. Don't forget to wash these babies regularly and carefully as well so as to retain their shape!

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IMAGE Chanel

Chanel 2-in-1 Foundation Brush, P3150; Blush Brush, P3250; Powder Brush, P3250, Rustan's Shang-rila

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3. Perfume

Your signature scent reflects your mood and personality in every spritz. It's something people can remember you by, or a way to make a subtle statement in a crowd. It should therefore be your mission to find it, not to mention be willing to spend a pretty penny to keep it within reach. Besides, the best fragances use only the most premium oils and unique scents crafted by master perfumers, so you're practically buying art!


In case you haven't found "the one" yet, we suggest starting your journey with a fragrance wardrobe. The set of small-sized scents gives you the chance to find the notes that work well with your body chemistry, and you can also layer the perfumes to create your own unique fragrance cocktail.


IMAGE Rustans

Maison Francis Kurkdijian Fragrance Wardrobe Discovery for Her, Adora

4. Everyday lipstick

Here's the rule: cash out on makeup you're sure you'll use every day. No pricey product deserves to collect dust in a forgotten box. For a failproof purchase, pick up a nude or a red lipstick in a formula you adore. Keep one that's hydrating and easy to reapply, packaged in an eye-catching tube for the extra novelty when you pull it out of your purse.


IMAGE Tom Ford

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Lipstick in Addison, P1960, Rustan's Makati

5. Collagen supplements

Jumping between work and late night parties will eventually take a toll on your young skin. Stress is definitely another aggressor, but that's pretty much unavoidable for working girls like you. So to make sure your complexion appears youthful and fresh, give supplements a spin. Not only will these give your skin a nice glow, they serve as a preventive measure for signs of aging as well.


IMAGE Shiseido

Shiseido The Collagen Tablet (126 tabs), P3499.50/bottle, Watsons

6. Laser hair removal

If you prefer to keep your body hair-free, getting a laser treatment in your 20s will save you so much on extra expenses later. Think about it: no more monthly waxing sessions, not to mention the time that could be better spent doing other fulfilling activities!


Strip Touch of Comfort IPL, Greenbelt 5

7. Hair dryer

You'd think you won't have to spend extra on your hair tools, but think again. These can be as good an investment as a salon treatment, because a high-quality tool will last you years, sometimes even decades. We recommend paying extra for a noiseless hair dryer that actually works faster than your average wind machine. It'll cut your prep time in the morning in half without disturbing the peace and quiet at home. More importantly, the advanced settings help lessen the heat damaging your hair over time.



Dyson Hair Dryer, P21,500, Beauty Bar

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8. Custom haircuts

Luxurious haircuts are a thing, and you have try them at least once in your life. A precision cut at JuRo Salon for example is customized according to your facial features and lifestyle so you'll never have to walk out of a salon disappointed again. The cuts are made to grow gracefully, too, which means you don't have to worry about it until your schedule frees up for another session. For us, haircuts by JuRo salon give us a six-month interval between sessions. The same goes for their hair color treatments, because instead of simply painting your locks one color, each section is colored differently to get a perfect, face-framing effect.


JuRo Salon Exclusif, rates savailable upon request, Park West Taguig

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9. Beauty drips

One of the hottest trends in beauty right now are drips, yes like actual IV drips, that give your skin and health a quick boost. The girl on-the-go will love the quick vitamin boost or detox fix from Belo, since they're practically painless, and quick enough to do over your lunch break!



Belo Infusion Drips, S Maison

10. Teeth whitening

The perfect smile doesn't come naturally to everyone, which isn't entirely bad news thanks to the wonders of dental science. Experts can help you fix discolored teeth in just a few sessions, no painful surgeries required. Remember: your smile is one of the first things people notice, so take care of your chompers while you can!

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The Smile Bar Teeth Whitening Service, 20-minute sessions for P2999, Uptown BGC

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