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Beauty Insider: Karyn Khoury

The fragrance expert on what makes the new Coach Poppy the hottest scent to have for fall.
Beauty Insider: Karyn Khoury The fragrance expert on what makes the new Coach Poppy the hottest scent to have for fall.

With 35 years under her belt in the fragrance industry, Karyn Khoury knows her scents. Senior Vice President for Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide of the Estee Lauder Group of Companies, Karyn’s expertise in all things olfactory has made her an invaluable member of the brand, allowing her to work closely together with the Lauders themselves (Estee, Evelyn and Leonard) in developing new fragrances.

This fall, Karyn introduces the latest star of the Estee Lauder family—Coach Poppy. Encased in a dainty oval bottle and sealed with a glass globe, Coach Poppy is a light fruity floral that evokes the inner romantic in us all. Both chic and whimsical, wet ivy, grapefruit, mandarin and lychee come together to create scintillating top notes that warm into a heart of feminine jasmine petals, water lily and rose. Amberwood, musk and apricot skin are at its base—providing a lasting fragrance perfect for a woman in touch with her youthful side.   


To learn more about the fragrance, Karyn gives us some insight into the development of Coach Poppy as well as some useful tips on how picking a fragrance and storing your bottles:

Q: What is the best approach to choosing a fall/winter fragrance?

Karyn Khoury: It is always best to try a new fragrance on your skin.   A fragrance may smell great in the bottle or sprayed on a blotter, but any fragrance truly comes alive on an individual’s skin, where it blends with your own body chemistry.  Once you apply the fragrance, give the fragrance some time to develop on your skin before smelling it and deciding whether it’s right for you.

Q: What is Coach Poppy Flower?

K:  Coach Poppy Flower is a vibrantly romantic feminine scent.  Inspired by the Poppy aesthetic and lifestyle, it embodies a fresh and lighthearted spirit with a kaleidoscope of soft florals and sparkling fruity notes.

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Q: This is the second fragrance from Coach Poppy. What makes it different from the original?

K: Whereas Coach Poppy is a luscious fruity floral gourmand with distinctive notes of Cucumber, candied Rose petals, rich Crème Brulee and whipped cream accords, the new Poppy Flower is a bright, whimsical citrus fruity floral with fresh notes of Grapefruit, Ivy, Mandarin, Jasmine, Rose and sugared Raspberry.  Coach Poppy Flower is more than a fragrance.  It’s the attitude and spirit of the Coach Poppy lifestyle captured in a blend of dewy freshness, sparkling fruitiness, romantic florals and playful sexiness. 

Q: What inspired the creation of this fragrance?

K: Inspired by the fashion-forward Coach Poppy woman, the new fragrance is an irresistibly chic and flirty extension of her fashion and personal style. This romantic and whimsical addition to the popular Poppy fashion and accessories line brings to life an “anything is possible” vibe with just one spritz.


Q: What type of woman would buy Coach Poppy Flower?

K: As the fashionably chic and flirty Poppy consumer evolves, so must her fragrance. The fruity floral bouquet found in Poppy Flower is perfect for her vibrant personality. Coach Poppy Flower was created for our Poppy consumer who feels embracing “poppy”  is not just a fashion choice, but a part of her lifestyle. The Poppy consumer is bright and bold, and instantly memorable. It follows then, that her fragrance is equally unique and unforgettable.

Q: What is next for fragrance and beauty for Coach?

K: We continue to develop new products and categories all fitting the Coach customer and sense of style.  Our key focus is finding ways to create luxury offerings that complement the Coach lifestyle.

Q: Where is the best place to keep fragrance to help prolong its life?

K: The best way to prolong the life of your fragrance is to store it in a cool place and not expose it to direct sunlight.  You should also remember to close caps tightly on your perfume bottles to prevent alcohol evaporation and exposure to air. 


Coach Poppy is available in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, available in all leading department stores.

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