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Beauty Insider: Christopher Picault

Dessange's expert on why skipping shampoo every other day may actually save it.
Beauty Insider: Christopher Picault Dessange's expert on why skipping shampoo every other day may actually save it.

It was Christopher Picault’s first time in Manila and his first impression of Filipina hair was one that hit home. “I noticed that you clean your hair everyday, and that’s not very good. The more you clean your hair, the more you are going to need to clean it.” While holding the title as the International Makeup Artist of Paris-based Dessange, Christopher also boasts extensive hair care expertise that the brand is currently focusing on in the country.

Introducing the three lines that fall under the Dessange family including Dessange itself, Camille Albane and Phytodess, Christopher’s main thrust was in developing a proper hair care regimen, which as we learned, does not always have to involve shampoo. “The more you clean your hair the more dirty it will become because you excite the sebum,” he explained. Our scalps, just like our hair can have adverse effects when aggressively treated. “If you have oily skin and you use too much product today, the next day you’ll notice that the skin is more oily. It’s the exact same thing with hair.” He therefore suggests alternating shampoo with masks and treatments that can soften the strands and nourish your hair without stripping natural oils and moisture.


He shares some hair care recommendations for three treatments and practices we regularly submit our hair to:


As we all know, an hour with your straightening iron everyday leads to coarse, unruly strands. For women that can’t bear to ditch their heat-based styling products, Christopher suggests keeping a serum handy like Dessange Elixir Capillaire Shine (P1950, Rustans). Not only does it supply your hair with an added dose of luster, but it also will prevent burning by giving you an extra layer of protection.


While on holiday, our faces are often the main focus of all our SPF efforts. But Christopher again stresses that we should be treating our hair with the same kind of attention. Hours under the sun causes drying which can be avoided when products such as the Camille Albane Sun Protection Mist with Marine Spring Water (P795, Rustans) are used before you lay out in your bikini.



Even if you’ve only gone in for color once, you hair should immediately be treated differently. Using a line specifically created for color-treated hair is a must, Christopher explains as it is the only way to retain both moisture and color. Masks massaged in twice a week are also a must in your weekly regimen, with the Phytodess Crème de Palme (P1450, Rustans) hydrating treatment a good option to soothe very damaged hair.

Dessange, Phytodess and Camille Albane are all available in Rustans Department Store and

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