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Beauty Insider: Barney Martin

The Pantene Ambassador gives us his eight tips for whipping your hair into its best shape.
Beauty Insider: Barney Martin The Pantene Ambassador gives us his eight tips for whipping your hair into its best shape.

Having 18 years experience in the industry, British-born and Australia-based hair stylist Barney Martin has a lot to share about hair care. A backstage regular at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week, the stylist counts Kate Moss, Drew Barrymore, Sophie Dahl and Erin O’Connor as some of the lucky ladies who he's had the priviedge of working with. Working with top celebrity stylist Sam McKnight introduced him to the Pantene team and for three years has represented the brand as a Global Ambassador. 

During a recent three day trip to Manila, Barney created five hairstyles for the press, as modeled by Filipina fashion bloggers and Pantene endorser Gretchen Barretto. While Barney was in town, we decided to get some insider tips for all of you about easy hair styling tricks that we all usually take for granted as well as special tips he suggests for Filipina hair.



1. When teasing your own hair, "Prep with mousse, take fine sections of hair to give it some grip, preferably better if its day-old hair. Fine sections of hair starting from the roots and just gently working down a slight angle with your comb working from roots to ends. And make sure to work underneath the hair"

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2. On when exactly to work in your hair products, Barney notes, "Generally I like to put styling products before I do anything and then comb the hair through to distribute. After styling I like to set the hair with hair spray."

3. On achieving those very now curls, "If you want a loose beachy wave, use your fingers to separate. For a more glamorous look, use a soft bristled brush and run that through the hair and it gives it a more sleek look."


4. In the men's department, “For the guys at the moment, there’s a lot of reference to  the 50’s. Try taking your hair into a side part and slick it down—very Mad Men.”

5. A color he's loving now, "I'm loving belayage (and ombre technique) on dark skin and dark eyes." Barney suggested blonde tips to contrast the dark brown hue that most Filipinas have.


6. When trying to add body to fine hair, “set your hair in large velcro rollers after you blow-dry to give you more volume throughout the day.”

7. For one of the tricks of his trade, “If you do blow dry your hair straight and you get frizzies, get a bit of hair spray, get tissue, spray it on the tissue and then you just go over the top of the hair."

8. On Filipina hair, “So many women here have really nice face shapes and beautiful dark hair but like to keep it really long and heavy. I’d love to take a razor and make it really short for a change!”


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