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Beauty Hoarders Will Love This New Pocket-Sized Beauty Brand

Because big things come in tiny packages.
Beauty Hoarders Will Love This New Pocket-Sized Beauty Brand
IMAGE Chihuahua Cosmetics
Because big things come in tiny packages.

“When was the last time you finished a lipstick?” is the first thing Chihuahua Cosmetics put up on their Instagram. I took it first, as a challenge…what do you mean I don’t finish my lipstick? Then, a realization: Yeah, the last time I finished one was probably a year or two ago. I mean, beauty hoarders know the struggle—so many colors, and only one set of lips!


But now we have Chihuahua Cosmetics, and they have everything small and mighty in this new mini-sized cosmetics brand (the first in Asia!), hence the name. We can't thank them enough just for coming up with this idea. They’re six posts in on their social media and only have two stores (Eastwood and UP Town Center) so it's possible you haven't heard of them before—but it’s about time you pay attention to this beauty brand. Here’s why: 

1. Sustainable beauty

The tiny packaging is just enough, honestly. It also means no wasted makeup because you can actually finish it! Now that I think about it, I can imagine my 50 and more bullets of lipstick just sitting there at home waiting for the right occasion. Oh, the guilt.

2. Smaller size, smaller price

Where else can you find good lipstick for P160? And powder foundation for P239? And you can even customize your beauty kit containing powder foundation, blush, lipstick, brow pencil and liner, ALL for P915! Crazy. 

3. More makeup adventures

Because it comes in tester size, you don’t have to commit to an expensive full-sized lippie. And based on reviews we’ve read, they don’t scrimp on pigment either. Here's to hoping the brand uses this to their advantage and adds more experimental shades for us beauty adventurers! 

4. Pocket-size also means clutch size

Their tagline is “be gorgeous anytime, anywhere!” which to many beauty obsessed girls is no biggie, because if you’re like me, I bet you lug your entire makeup kit around on a regular work day! I mean, who knows if you need to redo your entire look from base-up, right? (This actually happened to me, though.) But if you can’t be bothered, their sizes are so cute and sleek, they fit into any clutch or literally a pocket, so you don’t have to choose.


5. You can shop them online, too!

Their most expensive product is P239. Shop at your own risk, ladies. Click on this to start shopping their site!