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Beauty Gift Guide: Part 4

Post-holiday pampering treats.
Beauty Gift Guide: Part 4 Post-holiday pampering treats.

The days following party season may pass by in a sluggish haze—whether it be more than your share of bubbly, karaoke, holiday ham or good ol' enthusiasm extending into the wee hours of the morning, being too much of a social butterfly can take its toll. The rush and riot of the holidays may also leave you feeling overextended. A splotchy, tired complexion, dull, damaged hair, chipped polish, or the general ephemera of party-related ouchies can leave you feeling lethargic and unattractive—not the best way to start the New Year by any standards.

Our favorite after-party pampering products are guaranteed to eradicate those ugly, morning-after mean reds. We may not have the perfect cure for a hangover yet, but these come a close second in putting the pink back in our cheeks!

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor