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Beauty Cheat Sheet: The 7 Vitamins You Need To Start Taking

Healthy hair and skin? Check!
Beauty Cheat Sheet: The 7 Vitamins You Need To Start Taking
Healthy hair and skin? Check!

Your mom always tells you that beauty starts from the inside, and the truth is, she couldn't be more accurate. What you put in your body shows up on the surface—for example, too much fried food usually hails the often-untimely arrival of an annoyingly bright red zit.



Take the facts and work them to your advantage! Aside from eating your fruits and veggies, incorporate these potent vitamins—in both supplement or dietary food forminto your daily morning breakfast habit. Eat well, look great.

1. Lycopene

Take it for: A rosy complexion and added sun protection

Eating tomatoes actually can help fight sunburn and sun damage. The fleshy red fruit may be rich in lycopene antioxidants, but that doesn’t mean you should skip slathering on sunscreen! UV rays are far more dangerous than you think, so layer up on the protection.

2. Iron

Take it for: Thick, shiny hair

Fun fact, ladies: We lose iron every time have our periods, so you can imagine how iron deficiency is one of the most common causes of thinning hair in otherwise healthy women. To keep your tresses strong and healthy, eat those leafy green vegetables you tend to leave on your plate.

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3. Fish oil

Take it for: Moisturized, clearer skin

Fish oil supplements are decadent in omega-3 fatty acids, which carry natural anti-inflammatory properties—meaning, they can help calm breakouts and acne. Plus, they work to decrease hormones that affect both excessive oil production and subsequent clogged pores—two culprits behind pesky spots.


4. Vitamin K

Take it for: Younger, brighter eyes

Fragile capillaries that allow blood to leak into skin is a major cause behind those awful under-eye circles you always wake up with. Studies show that vitamin K (a.k.a. phytonadione) may block this seepage by controlling blood clotting. Swipe on a K-rich cream every night before bed!



5. Biotin

Take it for: Luminosity, plus stronger nails and hair

Known to repair dry hair, flaky skin, and brittle nails by regulating how your body metabolizes fatty acids, taking biotin is ideal if you're aiming for that killer glowing-complexion-and-bouncy-mane combination. Look for it in romaine lettuce, almonds, and walnuts.

6. Vitamin B3

Take it for: Boosted hydration and reduced redness

Coaxing the enzymes in your body to function properly, vitamin B3 has been shown to minimize patchy redness and increase your skin’s production of ceramides and fatty acids. Bonus: it helps clear up acne, too, so go for foods like chicken, tuna, and mushrooms!

7. Vitamin A

Take it for: Fighting dark spots and wrinkles

Vitamin A derivatives are known as retinoids, which have been proven to reduce fine lines, fade acne marks, and smooth roughness. Apply your retinoids in the evening (sunlight inactivates most forms of vitamin A) and eat lots of sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, and cantaloupe.


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